Learn how Eva Kogut & Bryan J. Wilson scaled Kogut & Wilson with Cultivate Advisors

About Kogut & Wilson

Kogut & Wilson Case Study

Kogut & Wilson Case Study

Kogut & Wilson was founded by attorneys from two of Chicago’s preeminent family law firms who believed it was possible to provide high-quality representation while still offering clients the personalized and compassionate counsel their cases deserve.

Industry:Law Firm
Company size:14
Skill focus:Vision, Financials, Leadership
Year Founded:2015

Cultivate Advisors Impact

When Eva Kogut and Bryan J. Wilson first started working with Cultivate Advisors, they were unsure of how to grow their business. Through their work with their advisor, they developed skills and the confidence scale and have grown their 2 partner firm to a team of 14.

Cultivate Advisors partnered with Kogut & Wilson to

  • Develop leadership skills and best practices
  • Identify, track and measure KPIs
  • Build a plan for recruiting, hiring, and training top talent
Cultivate Advisors Impact

Cultivate Advisors Impact




Revenue in 2 Years


Leadership Systems


Size of Team

Eva Kogut

I always felt like I had to do everything from the minutia to the bigger projects. My advisor helped us understand we were ready to grow and even helped us to develop our leadership skills. After working with Cultivate for 2 years we grew from 2 employees to 6 employees and doubled our revenue.

Eva Kogut

Kogut & Wilson Law Office

Challenge Solution Outcomes


In 2015, Eva Kogut and Bryan J. Wilson were just starting their business. Like many first-time owners, they excelled in their industry but lacked the business skill needed to scale.


When Eva and Bryan met with their advisor, they knew they wanted to scale but first needed to get aligned on their vision. Their advisor had them both take a personal assessment to identify each of their strengths and better define the role they would take in growing the business. They knew they wanted to work on removing themselves from owner/operator and get into a scaled mindset. So they started working on streamlining their financials, and identifying and measuring their metrics to develop a roadmap for growth. When they were ready to hire their first employees, their advisor helped them develop a recruiting plan and process to add the right people to their team. Then he helped them develop their leadership skills to empower their team while holding tension to their goals.


With a roadmap, recruiting processes, and leadership systems in place, Kogut & Wilson was set up for success. In the two years they worked with their advisor, they were able to double their revenue and grow from 2 to 6 employees. Since then, they have continued to have monthly meetings to hold tension to their goals and work on the business.

How We’ve Helped Other Businesses

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