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Our healthcare management consulting services are provided by experts in a range of healthcare disciplines. We have a proven success record across hospitals, healthcare economics, stakeholder engagement, and more. For hands-on consulting in healthcare, Cultivate Advisors is here.

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Results Generated by Cultivate Clients

Tangible results are a core part of our offerings. Even if you’re in a flat-growth market, we can find new ways to improve member experiences and find success.


Average Top Line Revenue Growth for Cultivate Clients


Average Bottom-Line Profit Growth for Cultivate Clients


I fully enjoyed and benefited from the free 2-hour advisory meeting with Michele Phillips. She quickly understood my business and provided concrete advice and direction for taking my business to the next level. Additionally, I was somewhat expecting to be 'talked into' hiring her, however, to my delight, there were no high-pressure sales tactics. Just the facts presented in a way to enable the business owner to make an informed decision. Thank you Michelle! I would fully recommend you to anyone serious about taking their business to the next level.

JoAnn Zymler

i am new to the company however , it has been a great experience so far , i appreciate the experience the coach brings to the table and how it is helping to grow my company . GREAT JOB COACH

Leroy Viamille

I can not say enough great things about Cultivate Advisors. The trajectory of our business has changed dramatically over the few months we've been working together. They have amazing tools and insights and are perfect for an entrepreneur looking to scale. I'm super lucky to have been paired with my advisor Roy HE IS FANTAAASIC!!!! Roy has such a great handle on numbers and forecasting and sees things that I don't. We've been on calls for hours working out things and he is so patient. He is a gem and a gold mind of information for a company like mine that needs to start putting systems together and getting a handle on their financials. He's literally touched every area of my business and been our own King Midas turning it into gold. I can't say enough great things about who he is not only as an advisor, but also as a person. The investment is DEFINITELY worth it if you want to take your business to the next level.

Natajia Miller

I have been working with Matt Fox for about 6 months now. Matt always goes above and beyond my expectations and I could not be happier with my decision to partner with him. Since we started working together, Matt has brought new insight and a different perspective to help us grow our business. If you have any hesitation in working with Cultivate, just do it. Your only regret will be that you didn’t start sooner!

Zach Kramer

My experience with Cristy O'Connor at Cultivate Advisors has been game-changing for me and my business. With grace and patience, Cristy has given me a framework for next-level growth and scalability. I am so grateful, and I can't recommend her or Cultivate more highly!

Lisa Foster

In just a short time, Matt Fox has delivered Cultivate's promise to accelerate my business. With just one suggestion from Matt, I was able to generate sales that blew my monthly projections out of the water. He knows his stuff and is able to share it in ways that complement my brand.

Arianna Howard

Working with TJ at Cultivate Advisors has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only has he operated as a "non equity partner" in helping us chart courses and make decisions, but he also genuinely CARES about the progress of our business. His enthusiasm when we succeed and willingness to even pass referrals our way speaks volumes for his work ethic and relationships with his clients! We are very happy with our relationship with Cultivate Advisors so far!

Jacob Amundsen

The best part of working with Cultivate Advisors is that they listen to your needs as a business owner and then work with you on the areas of focus that will help you and your company grow and thrive. We worked on our sales funnel process for months before moving into ways to improve internal productivity, and then switched to sorting out better cash flow and financial decision-making. Whatever you're looking to do, advisors like TJ will formulate a plan to help you get there.

Eric Elkins

I’ve been working with a TJ since November and it has been a game-changer on the high-level planning, structure, systems and stagey… so we can start to scale. We’ve got a hiring plan in place that is triggered my sales goals when to hire who. I’ve been really cautious of growing for the sake of growth … that’s cancer. It’s really easy to grow with all these opportunities, right now. To have that plan laid out its brought a lot of clarity of how to get from here to their. Working with Cultivate Advisors has been a HUGE level up for the business.

Dylan Ochala

I currently am working with Maura from the Cultivate team and I have more buisness confidence now then ever before. I am working on growing and scaling my businesses with the help of the Cultivate advisors and their recourses. Our weekly meetings help me stay on course with my growth plans and opportunities. I highly recommend making the investment in this team of skilled professional advisors.

Dana Fountain

How Our Healthcare Consulting Services Can Grow Your Medical Institution

It’s no secret that the healthcare industry is rapidly evolving. Our healthcare and hospital consulting services can improve your long-term operational and financial performance.


Optimize Physician Networks

Many healthcare systems have difficulties gaining visibility into physician performance, particularly in new markets. We use analytics to track physician quality and costs while optimizing your networks to grow in both new and existing markets.


Streamline Policies & Procedures

We have cross-disciplinary insights that can help improve your existing policies and procedures. Whether you need to refine current policies in place or you need to establish a new set of procedures, our healthcare advisory services can provide hands-on assistance and determine policy impacts.


Outline Strategic Priorities

Stay one step ahead of your competition with our healthcare consulting. Our care expertise paired with access to unique data gives you a strong foundation for your strategic initiatives and informed business decisions.

Outline Strategic Priorities
Streamline Policies & Procedures
Industry benefits
Industry benefits

Who Can Benefit from Our Healthcare Consulting Solutions

Medical Technology Companies
Healthcare Providers & Services
Product Positioning

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We Have Been in Your Shoes

As seasoned medical business consultants, we understand the pressures of what it’s like to be a healthcare business owner. We have experience working with customers in over 140 industries, giving us unique insights into what it takes to be successful.

We Have Been in Your Shoes
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Healthcare Consultants vs Healthcare Advisors

Our team at Cultivate Advisors knows that there are rapid changes in the healthcare industry, meaning consumer expectations are incredibly dynamic. We build our approach on a unique and in-depth understanding of the value chain, from patients to doctors to drug developers. Utilize our consulting healthcare services to navigate this ever-changing landscape while outpacing your competitors.

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Healthcare Consultants vs Healthcare Advisors
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Let’s Grow Your Company Together!

Regardless of your type of healthcare company, we’re looking forward to working with you! Get in touch with us to start the process.

Get Useful Insights into the Healthcare Industry from Our Advisory Team

Our team is always researching the latest tips and trends in the healthcare industry so you’re aware of the current market. Browse below for free resources such as blogs, toolkits, and webinars for the latest information.

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