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About Cultivate Advisors

About Cultivate Advisors


Average Top Line Revenue Growth for Cultivate Clients


Average Bottom-Line Profit Growth for Cultivate Clients


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Business Owners Advised


Advisors on the Team

We're More Than Small Business Consultants

Cultivate Advisors is a small business advising firm that partners 1:1 with small business owners to help them grow sustainably and rediscover the joy in entrepreneurship.

We’ve worked in 160+ industries with owners to provide tailored advising solutions focused on core business areas such as managing the financials, building a marketing engine & sales process, creating a dynamic leadership system, developing a recruitment strategy, and implementing operational efficiencies.

By working together to create and implement scalable systems, develop vital skills, and maintain accountability, our clients grow, on average, 65% in bottom-line profit and 43% in top-line revenue over 12 months.

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We are one of the Fastest-Growing Companies for the 4th consecutive year.

Our Unique Advisory Methodology

We believe in propelling businesses forward. In working with thousands of business owners, we’ve developed our Propeller Methodology that guides owners through the turbulence of entrepreneurship.

Unlike business growth consultants who focus on a particular aspect of your business, our business advisors take a comprehensive approach: we start with your Financials, then dive deep into Sales, Marketing, Leadership, Recruiting, and Productivity that will all factor into the growth of your business.

We use this methodology to assess the gaps and opportunities in your business. We then create a tailored roadmap that will guide you to your vision and destination.

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We Help
Businesses Develop
in Key Areas

Every business experiences unique challenges as they grow. Here’s how our business advisors have helped business owners and their teams propel their business.

Profit Management


Profit Management

The key to running a successful business is a solid financial foundation. We prioritize helping you understand your numbers and teach you how to increase your profits year-over-year.

Increase Sales


Increase Sales

Building a sales team isn't always easy, especially if you've been running the sales initiatives in your business. With the help of small business advisor services, you will build a solid foundation and teach you how to hire and lead a rockstar sales team.

Marketing Management


Marketing Management

One of the most common changes for small businesses is the inconsistency of leads. We'll help you design a lead generation system to synthesize all of your outlets and increase your lead flow.

Talent Management


Talent Management

For a small business, it’s important to have the right talent. Our Recruitment plans are about much more than just knowing what roles are open — they’re an opportunity to align company goals and skills gaps with your hiring efforts in order to plan strategically.

Leadership Management


Leadership Management

Leaders are integral to the overall success of the business. We’ll show you how to hire or develop a leadership system that will allow your organization to work as a singular unit to move the business forward.

Performance Improvement


Performance Improvement

Productivity is deeply connected to profit and impacts the company's long-term performance and goals. So we'll help you make small changes to drastically improve your productivity and efficiency to improve output and ensure you hit your goals.

Ready to assess which key areas will propel your business?

Ready to assess which key areas will propel your business?

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What to Expect from Our Small Business Advising


Small Business Advisors Who Can Relate

Our business advisors are more than a business growth consultant or a coach. They truly become your partner, and they can do that because they have the experience of running their own business.


Advising Tailored to Your Needs

You have unique challenges, experiences, and goals. Our business advisors will get into the trenches with you and work on a growth plan and cadence customized to your ever-changing needs as you scale.


We Hold You Accountable

If you’ve ever set a goal with a partner, you know how helpful it is to have them push you when you want to quit. We apply that same notion to advising. The business advisor services will help you set achievable goals and consistently follow up with you to stay on track to hit your most audacious goals.


Resources for You and Your Team

Gain access to exclusive resources including AcuMax Assessments for your team, financial forecasting, and employee access to the Cultivate Advisor’s soft-skill catalog.


Access to a Community

Meet and create lasting connections with a large community of entrepreneurs working through similar hurdles in their business. Our small business advisors will help you meet and network with other professionals in your industry.

What to Expect from <span class="m-heading__italic">Our Small Business Advising</span>

What to Expect from Our Small Business Advising

Learn How We Impact Other Businesses

Whether you are an owner-operator, just starting to scale, or already scaled, we can help you.

Check out our success stories to see results from us partnering with these businesses.

See more success stories
Client Success Stories

Client Success Stories

B2B Recruiting

Red Circle Technology

Michael Melendrez

  • Set achievable goals to increase revenue
  • Hire and train new team members to own key processes
  • Refined services, increase pricing, and create a monthly retainer with clients to increase revenue
Watch full story

Law Firm

Kogut & Wilson

Eva Kogut

  • Develop leadership skills and best practices
  • Identify, track and measure KPIs
  • Build a plan for recruiting, hiring, and training top talent
Watch full story

We Work with Your Industry

We don’t pretend to be an industry expert. That’s your job. We are experts in propelling businesses beyond expectations and have been able to do so in hundreds of industries.


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Cultivate Advisors Process

Cultivate Advisors Process

step 1

Schedule a Call. Allow us to learn more about your business and vision to see if there is a fit.

step 2

Schedule a Free 2-Hour Assessment. Gain outside perspective and identify the gaps and opportunities for growth in your business.

step 3

Propel your Business. Partner with an expert advisor on your tailored roadmap to get to your growth objectives.

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Meet Our Team ofAdvisors

All of our advisors come from different industries with different experiences, but the one thing they have in common is that they’ve all been successful business owners.

More about us
Casey Clark

Casey Clark

CEO, Co-Founder

Chicago, IL

Autumn Joyce

Autumn Joyce

Cohort Leader | Partner

Columbus, OH

Brad Kreutz

Brad Kreutz

Cohort Leader | Partner

Denver, CO

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Learn Best Practices From Our Advisory Team

Whether you’re looking for information on a specific topic or just looking to learn some new tips and tricks to growing your business, check out our free resources.

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American Rescue Plan for Small Businesses

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