Find the Tools You Need to Grow Your Business

Focus on the right problems

Are you looking to get more sales or build a marketing funnel? Are you trying to build a team so you can take on more work and increase the volume of your business? Regardless of where you fall on your entrepreneurial journey, we’ve found that there are 6 key areas of the business you can focus on to hit your goals. Unlock some tools we use with our clients every day and start moving towards your vision.

Not sure where to focus?

As you grow, the focus of your business can shift. Tactics used to grow your business to this point might not be the same tactics that will push you to the next level. In working with thousands of small businesses, we’ve identified the best areas to focus on based on your business stage.

Assess your skill level with our business scorecard

When was the last time you took a step back to examine your business?

As an owner, you’re often consumed with the daily operational needs of your company, and it can be hard to practice objectivity in your business.

Download our scorecard to rate your business on 48 different skills and identify your biggest growth opportunities.

Want to go deeper?

Check out our favorite tools in the following areas.

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No matter how well your business is performing or how profitable you are, your business can't survive if you can’t manage your cash flow. Understand and manage your cash flow with our easy-to-use cash flow projection tool.


Leaders are integral to the overall success of the business. Without a leadership system, your organization can lack consistency and struggle to work as a singular unit to move the business forward.


One of the most common changes for small businesses is the inconsistency of leads. When it comes to designing a lead generation system, it can be difficult to synthesize all the outlets available to use with the actual results.


There are only 168 hours in a week, the key is learn to zero in on the tasks you need to accomplish to reach your goals. Our Block scheduling helps you manage your time efficiently while maximizing your productivity and avoiding burnout.


Finding the right talent isn’t easy. Recruitment plans are about much more than just knowing what roles are open—they’re an opportunity to align company goals and skills gaps with your hiring efforts in order to plan strategically.


One of the most common challenges for small businesses is the inconsistency of sales. Sales forecasting allows you to estimate future sales to make informed business decisions and predict short-term and long-term performance.

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