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Who We Work With

We’ve identified 5 key stages of business from those just starting out to those moving into a scaled model. As you grow from one stage to the next the focus shifts, and we’re here to help you navigate through new challenges. We have developed curriculums for each of these stages that we tailor to ensure you get the most out of your time with an advisor and working on the right initiatives.

Why Cultivate Works For Clients

No “Off-The-Shelf” Solutions

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to coaching. Sales is not just sales. It means something different depending on the stage of your business and your skill level as an owner. That’s why we spend so much time getting to know your business and how you like to operate. We like to dig in and develop a 5-year plan based on where you are in your business, and where you would like to be.

We Help You Stay Accountable

If you’ve ever set a goal with a partner, you know how helpful it is to have them push you when you want to quit. We apply that same notion to advising. We help you set achievable goals and consistently follow up with you to ensure you are staying on track to hit your most audacious goals.

Flexible Meeting Structure

All of our 1-on-1 advising is customized based on the speed at which you want to grow and how much involvement you want from the advisor. Based on your needs, your advisor will recommend a plan to help you grow your business at the right speed. Then you and your advisor will determine how much of that time is spent in meetings versus implementation. Best of all, we have offices in the US and Canada, but 60% of our clients are virtual. Depending on your location you can choose to work with your advisor in person or virtually.

Owners to Advisors

All of our advisors have run their own business. They understand where you’re coming from and can relate to both the struggles and wins that accompany being an owner. Because they’ve been in your shoes—and work with owners like you in multiple industries— they’ve likely seen it before. Our advisors bring thousands of hours of advising and past experience that can shortcut your time to results. Our training program puts advisors through hundreds of hours of training to ensure you get the value you deserve. On top of that, each week we have all our advisors split into mastermind groups to tackle challenging client problems – so if they can’t solve something in-meeting, they’ll have the resources to figure it out for the next meeting.

Industry Agnostic

One of the questions we get most often is “do you work in my industry?” With our advisors working in over 140 different industries, the answer is probably, yes. We can say this with confidence, because we’re industry agnostic. We don’t pretend to be the expert in your industry. That’s your job. We’re experts in developing owners and scaling business. Our experience has taught us that small business owners don’t need more industry knowledge, they need the core business skills to help them move the needle.

Reach Your Goals With Us

When you partner with Cultivate, you’ll receive tailored advising to ensure you reach your objectives. Whether you are an owner-operator, just starting to scale, or already scaled, we can help you. Check out our success stories to see how we’ve worked with other owners, and to get an idea of how we can help you grow.

What Is Small Business Advising?

We call ourselves advisors because we combine key components of both consulting and business coaching to help you develop as an owner. We work with you each month to bring incremental change and sustainable growth to your business. To give you what you need to see the most impact, we can split up our time spent together in a couple of different ways.


Get a custom roadmap for your business. Spend time with your advisor to get everything out of your head. Your advisor will help you sort it out and set priorities so you know what you should be working on to reach the vision you've laid out for your business.


Hit your goals with regular check-ins from your advisor. You can set up recurring meetings with your advisor to review your progress and ensure you have what you need to crush your goals.


Build systems and processes with your advisor. When you're working on a challenging project outside of your skill set, your advisor can speed up the process by helping you to build out tools or systems to implement into your business.

Skill Development

Develop core business skills. We have 1000s of pages of resources and tools to help you, and your team, learn skills that will help you grow your business. Your advisor will help you identify where you might have a gap and will help you develop skills when you need them.

Impact Hours

Save time to focus on growing your business. Sometimes you don't have time to build something you discussed in a meeting. You and your advisor can decide to use impact hours, in which your advisor can build out tools, systems, or a specific deliverable before your next meeting, giving you a chance to inject them into the business faster.

Sound Boarding

Share your ideas and your concerns. When running a business, you might not have another person to bounce ideas off of. Use your advisor as a partner to share ideas with and gain that outside perspective needed to help you make decisions. It's business therapy.

Hear what our clients have to say

We value the feedback we get from our clients and work toward providing them with the best service. Hear more from our clients on Google.

What Are You Waiting For?

Before we can help you grow, we need to understand your business. Set up a quick call to learn more about joining our community.

As a Client, you get more than 1:1 Advising

It’s important that you have the tools to grow and develop as an owner both in and outside of your scheduled sessions. That’s why we offer all of our clients unlimited access to events and resources that compliment skill development while providing an opportunity to meet and create lasting connections with a community of owners working through similar hurdles.

Interactive Webinars

Once a month, our team of expert advisors host a live webinar on an important business skill where they shares best practices and valuable lessons learned from scaling multiple businesses. Designed with owners in mind, you'll be sure to walk away with a new perspective and a handful of action items to go implement.

Catapult Conference Ticket

Twice a year we host a 1-day virtual conference designed to help owners move their business forward with strategy sessions, focused skill training, motivational keynotes and peer-to-peer idea sharing.

Watch this video for a glimpse into the Catapult experience.

Exclusive Perks

Gain access to member perks including AcuMax Assessments for your team, financial forecasting, and employee access to the Cultivate Advisors soft-skill catalogue. Members of our community also have access to exclusive discounts to our vetted partners.


We've built 30+ custom tools based on the challenges our clients are facing every day. You can use these on your own or work through them with your advisor to sharpen your skills.

Training & Resources

Clients gain access to our learning center: a dynamic learning management system. The learning center is perfect for you and your team to hone your skills with unique courses ranging from sales to leadership and beyond.

Not Convinced?

You can get access to over 1,000 pages of original content and stay in the loop on upcoming events by joining our community. Set up a quick call to see if it’s a good fit for you and your business.

Still have questions?

We work with small business owners of all sizes. For this reason, we have done our best to provide tailored advising programs at all sizes. We believe there must be an ROI on all services provided and work hard to give that value every day. Our average owner spends $2100 a month with us for one-on-one advising.

Depends on the program, but most often there is a 6-month minimum for our 1-on-1 advising. The reason we require a 6-month commitment is that we are focused on providing sustainable growth. Based on the amount of time spent with your advisor each month to move the business at the right speed, it can often take a few months before you start seeing results.

Our goal is to become your partner and pay for ourselves 10x over. Some of our earliest clients have been with us for over 4 years and still continue to regularly meet with their advisor.

We carefully select an advisor for you based on the needs of your business as well as your own personal learning style. Through our discovery process, we’ll administer an assessment to help us understand your personality and learning style. We will then take a look at the opportunities in the business and select an advisor who is well suited for you.

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You’re a hustler, you know it. You’ve created a business that’s more than a hobby and you may be wondering, where do I go from here?

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As an experimenter you’re running to keep moving, but you’re not making the progress you want in your business due to bottlenecks, lack of systems and constantly ‘putting out fires.’

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As a visionary you’ve grown your business organically, opening up more time for yourself. But you’re struggling to grow bigger and you’re not sure how to push over the $1M mark.

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As a systemizer you’re fixated on refining and documenting everything as you’ve  learned scale requires bringing on great people, and integrating them quickly and seamlessly.

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As an influencer, you’ve built a growing business through the previous 4 stages. You’ve got the right people, systems, and product/service. But what’s next? You need someone to partner with to get to the next level.