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If you’re looking for sales consulting solutions, you’re in the right place. At Cultivate, our team of professional advisors can help you build a strategic sales strategy to drive profitable growth.

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We Are Your Trusted Sales Consultants

When you operate a small business, the success of your business is highly dependent on the success of your sales process.

Whether you run the sales for your business, or you lead a sales team, we can help you solve sales challenges beyond simply increasing your pipeline. Our expert sales advisors provide fresh perspective and new insight into your current process and can help close the gap on your conversion rate to drive more revenue.

We Are Your Trusted<span class="m-heading__italic m-heading__snd-line"> Sales Consultants</span>

Our Sales Advisory Solutions

As your business grows continuing to refine your sales process will propel your business forward. Here are a few ways we’ve worked with our clients to build an unstoppable pipeline.

Our Sales Advisory <span class="m-heading__italic">Solutions</span>
Sales Strategy

Sales Strategy

Sales strategies require a documented plan for positioning and selling your product to attract qualified buyers. We can help improve existing strategies and produce new ones.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Go-to-Market Strategy

We can help you utilize your outside resources and develop a competitive advantage when launching your new product.

Sales Process Optimization

Sales Process Optimization

Another part of our sales advisory services is helping you optimize your sales processes to reduce wasted time and maximize your profits.

Sales Operations

Sales Operations

With our guidance, we can help you maximize the efficacy of your sales operations and guide your team toward success.

Build Sales Team

Build Sales Team

Strong sales teams aren’t built overnight. We can help you attract top-tier talent and develop the necessary skills to grow your small business.

Sales Development Is
Just a Part of the Workflow

Business owners often ask us if we can consult them on sales development and improve the process as part of our offerings. While we are happy to help consult with this area of the business, this is only one part of our unique propeller methodology that’s necessary for long-term growth and success. If you want your business to operate as it should, the rest of the parts must also work in tandem to support this sales development initiative.

Sales Development Is<br><span class="m-heading__italic toolkits-about__heading-italic"> Just a Part of the Workflow</span>
Cultivate Advisors Process

Cultivate Advisors Process


Meet Our Team ofAdvisors

All of our consultants are highly qualified to help you overcome a variety of your business’ roadblocks in sales and beyond. Get to know our dedicated team better below.

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Greg Maddox

Greg Maddox

Senior Business Advisor

Chicago, IL

Agata Chydzinski

Agata Chydzinski

Senior Business Advisor

Denver, CO

Roy Flemming

Roy Flemming

Senior Business Advisor

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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See How We Help Business Owners

When you partner with Cultivate, you’ll receive tailored advising to ensure you reach your goals. Our hands-on experience allows us to navigate nearly any issue that your business is facing. Take a look below to see some examples of how we’ve helped.

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Red Circle Technology

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Learn the Best Sales Practices from Our Advisory Team

Whether you’re looking for information on a specific topic or just looking to learn some new tips and tricks to growing your business, check out our free resources.

Asked Questions

How can sales advising help my business?

If you’re on the fence about investing in this service, know that sales advising can help you optimize your sales process to convert more leads to customers, and as your business grows we’ll help you continue refining your process to propel your business forward.

Do you work with companies in all industries?

Yes! Because our team of sales advisors is so well-versed in serving many areas of business, it allows us to assist companies across industries. If you’re curious about whether or not we can help you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.