Increasing Conversion in Your Sales Process


Your sales process is very similar to your business in that it’s constantly changing as you grow.

One of the most crucial levers to success in your business lies within your sales process. Elements like lead qualification, escalation, and conversion affect your bottom line, and without a process to analyze these elements, you could be leaving money on the table.

Whether you are just building out a scalable sales process or are fine-tuning a sales rep engine, there are three main areas of focus to increase efficiency in your sales process:

  • Tactics to Create Urgency
  • Tightening the Close
  • How to Coach Rep Sales Events

Join Vice President, Nicole Gallop, as she shares her tips to coach your growing sales team and help you connect the dots to accommodate for an increasingly virtual selling environment.

Increasing Conversion in Your Sales Process

Increasing Conversion in Your Sales Process

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