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Ep 13: How can I use social impact to fuel my growth?

Each week, Cultivate CEO & CO-Founder Casey Clark sits down with a small business owner to dig deep into a particular challenge facing their business.

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How can I use social impact to fuel my growth?

This week on Catapult Your Business, we help catapult business owners one question at a time. We have Cultivate’s Business Advisor, Andrea Ross. Andrea asks, “How can I use social impact to fuel my growth?” Social impact is any positive changes that address social injustice and challenges. Businesses can achieve these goals through conscious, deliberate efforts, but a few key elements are needed to make it sustainable. In this episode, we slow down to identify some examples of social impact, discuss how to get your team and customers’ buy-in, then share how you can integrate it into the financials and how you can use social impact to drive your business forward.

Andrea Ross

Andrea Ross | Business Advisor

Andrea Ross is a Cultivate Advisor dedicated to bringing business owners clarity. She draws on her extensive experience to empathize with her clients and provide practical steps to growing their businesses.

Learn more about our guest, Andrea Ross, Business Advisor at Cultivate Advisors https://cultivateadvisors.com/our-advisors/andrea-ross/

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