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Ep 45: Are Core Values Just An Absolute Waste of Time?

Each week, Cultivate CEO & CO-Founder Casey Clark sits down with a small business owner to dig deep into a particular challenge facing their business.

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Are core values just an absolute waste of time?

On Catapult Your Business, we help business owners one question at a time. In this week’s episode, we discuss Core Values and answer the question, “Are core values just an absolute total waste of time?”

It’s a question many of us have pondered at least once.

CEO and Co-Founder Casey Clark is joined by Cultivate Senior Business Advisor Jessica Osborne to explore this topic. Jessica brings a wealth of experience from the fashion and supply chain management world and is passionate about fostering growth within the business community.

In this episode, Jessica highlights the importance of authentic and actionable core values in driving company culture and decision-making. They explore why core values matter internally and in attracting the right employees, customers, and vendors.

During this episode, Jessica shares practical and actionable approaches to defining and implementing core values within your organization. From conducting interviews to uncover common attributes among top performers to using core values as a guiding framework for decision-making, they provide strategies that you can readily apply to ensure these values truly resonate and drive behavior across all levels of the company.

Furthermore, Jessica underlines the proactive nature of establishing core values, urging businesses to invest in this foundational aspect early on. By aligning decisions and behaviors with core values, companies can navigate challenges more effectively, foster a culture of trust and alignment, and set the stage for long-term success.

So, if you’re ready to explore the power of core values in shaping your company’s trajectory, you don’t want to miss this episode of Catapult Your Business.

Jessica Osborn

Jessica Osborn | Senior Business Advisor

Wielding high doses of empathy and a knack for structure, Jessica Osborn is committed to helping owners create clarity in the chaos of running a business. Focused, effective, and responsive, she aims to help ambitious owners achieve profit, productivity, and peace of mind.

Learn more about our guest, Jessica Osborn, Senior Advisor at Cultivate Advisors.

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