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Andrea Ross is a Cultivate advisor dedicated to bringing business owners and entrepreneurs clarity when it comes to their companies. As an entrepreneur herself, Andrea used this clarity to start and scale a global company.

Andres founded an award-winning Southeast Asian tourism company called Journeys Within. During her time there, she grew revenue to $3 million and opened offices in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar. The company was successfully acquired by Wild Frontiers, where Andrea stayed on to grow US operations. 

Andrea Ross
Andrea draws on her extensive experience to empathize with her clients and provide practical steps to growing their businesses. She is a partner that understands the unique struggles of owning a business. Clients gain more than just an advisor when working with Andrea.
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It is easy for owners to feel like they are in the dark about their business. They are always working in the day-to-day instead of growing strategically. Andrea is passionate about clearing away the fog so that her clients focus on their visions, goals, and financials. This clear vision enables them to walk forward and grow their businesses with purpose.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners feel alone and scared as they make decisions and grow their companies. Andrea is there each step of the way with her clients, providing them with practical advice and tough love to hold them accountable. 

Andrea’s clients also benefit from her marketing ideas and strategies to expand their businesses and reach their target audiences. She helps them develop creative solutions to their most pressing problems and generate ideas to improve their processes and companies.

While Andrea helps clients clarify their big-picture goals, she isn’t afraid to dig into the details of their businesses. She helps them organize their daily operations, get a clear sense of their financials, and build teams that free them to start working on their business instead of in it. 

Andrea resides in Reno, Nevada, with 6 kids always running in and out of the house: 2 adopted, 2 biological, and 2 stepchildren. When not working, she loves to travel and be out in nature.


Andrea Ross