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Life science consulting through Cultivate Advisors allows your company to navigate any challenges linked to ever-changing market shifts and demanding regulatory restrictions.

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Results Generated by Cultivate Clients

Regardless of your specific business model, we know what it takes to achieve results. Here are some tangible results we’ve achieved for our clients.


Average Growth in Top Line Revenue


Average Growth in Bottom Line Profit


If you are like most business owners and wish you had that person with more experience and expertise, then you vs having to learn some of it the hard way as you grow your business. Or if you love spending your time being the visionary and leader but find other parts not as enjoyable or even a challenge. Then Colin at Cultivate advisors is your answer. He has taken our processes, procedures, budgets, dashboards, and a whole lot more to fruition and completion in a fraction of the time it would normally take us. But it did not stop there. Colin also made sure we had set in place actions that made sure we implemented and not let all the hard work fall to the wayside. He is a true Implementer, and I’ve estimated he has saved me 12x what I have paid for his services in the first year.

Rod Edwards

Cristy with Cultivate Advisors came into our business and immediately began creating order and establishing a "goal-oriented" mindset among our staff. We have been beyond grateful for all of the hard work she has put into turning our practice around and helping us find creative new ways to generate revenue, come up with new marketing strategies, and hire the correct people to create an efficient and positive work environment.

Abby Holland

Our advisor, Cody Muenster, has helped us in so many different ways. He has an amazing energy that he brings to our advising sessions and he brings so much knowledge and experience to the table. He has not only helped with our finances, culture, hiring processes, business processes, overall strategy, forecasting, meeting rhythms, networking, and so many other things, but he has also been a great resource for reaching peak performance in our personal lives and beyond. We would highly recommend working with an advisor from Cultivate if at all possible. We were unsure about whether or not an advisor was right for us and we could not be happier with our decision. The initial discovery call was very low pressure and we have been extremely happy ever since. We are extremely thankful we found Cody and Cultivate Advisors!

Paul Appleton

How Our Advisory Services Help Grow Your Life Science Company

The life sciences industry is constantly shifting and innovating. With a team of life sciences consulting experts on your side, anything is possible! Here’s how we can help.


Overall Strategy

We can help you lay the foundation for top-line growth through business development, strategy design, clinical trial management, patient engagement, and more. When changes to your strategy are needed, we’ll be by your side.


Sales & Marketing Advising

Don’t forget about your customers. Through our life science management consulting, we can aid with delivering high-impact digital capabilities across various customer touchpoints to drive loyalty and results.


Operations & HR

From improving your standard operating procedures to improving your delivery of services, we strive to evaluate and revise your operations as a whole.

Overall Strategy
Sales & Marketing Advising
Industry benefits
Industry benefits

What Life Science Companies Do We Serve?

Medical Devices
Biotechnology Companies

We Have Been in Your Shoes

As seasoned life sciences consultants, we understand the trials and tribulations of what it’s like to navigate a dynamic and ever-changing environment. We’ve worked with companies in over 140 different industries, giving us a competitive advantage in our approach to mitigating risk while prioritizing growth.

Meet our Advisors
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Our Unique Advisory Methodology

We know that life sciences companies all have unique needs. Regardless of your company’s specific operations, our consultants at Cultivate Advisors are here to give you insights to innovate and grow your company in ways you never thought possible. From managing your strategic and operational challenges to helping you overcome financial roadblocks, we’re here to help.

Learn More About The Cultivate Methodology
Our Unique Advisory Methodology
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Learn the Best Practices from Our Advisory Team

Our life sciences consultants have put together many resources such as blog posts, toolkits, and webinars with the latest industry information. Browse below to learn more.