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For Amy Jones, there is nothing more fundamentally rewarding than helping a business owner achieve their personal and professional goals. Having advised across multiple industries in multiple states in a wide variety of industries, she has provided the same result for her clients: increased revenue and profit without compromising work-life balance.

Amy knows first-hand the excitement and fear of owning your own business. She founded Superior Renovated Homes, a real estate flipping company, in 2015. During her five years there, she drove over $18 million in sales and exited successfully. 

Amy Jones
Now, Amy loves helping other owners get the same successes and results for their own businesses. 
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Take Darryl White, for instance. Amy helped him develop systems and processes that turned his company from limited tech to building innovative proprietary software. With her guidance, Darryl’s revenue jumped from $13 million to $77 million in just five years. 

Or consider Lana Rodriguez. With Amy’s guidance, Lana developed systems and processes for growing her real estate business. These new techniques enabled Lana to grow her business 95% year over year and broke $100 million in revenue in 2021.  

Amy helps business owners like Darryl and Lana see what is missing in their businesses that would make the difference for them and their personal goals. Every owner has a unique business and objectives, and Amy helps meet each client exactly where they are. Some people want to grow, others want to increase profits but not sales, and others want to be able to take some time off. Amy creates a tailor-made plan to help clients achieve their personal and professional goals.

With a passion for business operations and profitability, Amy supports each client as they gain clarity around the practical aspects of their business and helps them take it to the next level. After working with her, clients experience explosive revenue growth, profit growth, improved work environments, happier employees and customers, and better work-life balance. 

Amy chose to join the Cultivate Advisor team because it gave her the perfect culture to use her experience and talents. It provides the ideal blend of accountability, support, and positive teamwork that allows her to thrive. Plus, she has an entire panel of industry experts available at her fingertips to provide her clients with the highest support.

When she is not advising, you can find Amy and her family practicing their shared passion of Taekwondo. Her 9-year-old son and dad are both 1st-degree black belts, her 11-year-old daughter is a 2nd-degree black belt, and Amy just earned her 3rd-degree black belt. She is also a published author (check out her book 90 Day Turnaround: Increase Profit and Revenue).

Now, Amy loves helping other owners get the same successes and results for their own businesses. Now, Amy loves helping other owners get the same successes and results for their own businesses.