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Ep 1: Growing Via Acquisitions

Each week, Cultivate CEO & CO-Founder Casey Clark sits down with a small business owner to dig deep into a particular challenge facing their business.

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How to grow your business via acquisition

Doug Caris, Owner & CEO of the Arizona Painting Company, is focused on business growth. Part of his growth strategy is to acquire smaller painting companies. In this episode of Catapult Your Business, Doug brings a great question to the table: “If I want to grow via acquisition, What are the criteria, and what type of risk should I be taking?” In this episode, we deep dive into the persona, quality check, financials, ownership structure, and meeting the team.


Five things to consider when acquiring a business

One way to grow your company is through business acquisition. In this episode, Casey and Doug discuss how he used business acquisition as part of his growth strategy and outline a few things you should consider when acquiring a company.

  1. Business persona 
  2. Business Quality Check
  3. Business Financials  
  4. Ownership structure
  5. Meeting the team 
Doug Caris | Owner & CEO Arizona Painting Company

Doug Caris | Owner & CEO Arizona Painting Company

Doug Caris started his career in the painting industry at 19. At 26, he achieved his dream of owning his own business when he bought out his mentor and became the CEO & owner of the Arizona Painting Company. From that point, he grew the business from one location and 45 employees to 5 locations and 280+ employees. 

Where to find our guest, Doug Caris, and Arizona Painting Companies services:
[email protected]

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