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Ep 40: What Is The Value of Strategic Partnerships?

Each week, Cultivate CEO & CO-Founder Casey Clark sits down with a small business owner to dig deep into a particular challenge facing their business.

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What is the value of strategic partnerships?

On Catapult Your Business, we help business owners one question at a time. In this episode, CEO and Co-founder Casey Clark is joined by Deborah Snyder, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Cultivate, to discuss the value strategic partners bring to your business.

Throughout the discussion, alignment emerges as a central theme. They stress the importance of finding partners who share your business goals and resonate with your ideal client personas (ICPs). Deb emphasizes the need for intentional approaches to finding partners, recommending platforms like LinkedIn and leveraging personal networks to identify potential partners who align with your business objectives.

But it’s not just about finding partners but nurturing those relationships. Deb’s passion for building connections is palpable as she advocates investing time and effort to cultivate strong bonds. She paints a vivid picture of a vibrant ecosystem where partners thrive individually and elevate each other through mutual support and collaboration.

While building strategic partnerships may require time and effort, the potential rewards for business growth and success are substantial. Tune in to Catapult Your Business for more.

Deborah Snyder | Director of Strategic Partnerships

Deborah Snyder | Director of Strategic Partnerships

Deborah Snyder has enjoyed a more than 20-year career in sales, marketing, membership development, online education initiatives, and strategic partner engagement.

Learn more about our guest, Deborah Snyder, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Cultivate Advisors.

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