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Ep 37: How Do You Recruit Top Talent With Your Company’s Culture in Mind?

Each week, Cultivate CEO & CO-Founder Casey Clark sits down with a small business owner to dig deep into a particular challenge facing their business.

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How do you recruit top talent with your company’s culture in mind?

On Catapult Your Business, we help catapult business owners one question at a time. In this week’s episode CEO and Co-Founder Casey Clark is joined by one of Cultivate’ top Business Advisors, Yianni Arhontoulis, to discuss recruiting top talent with the company’s culture in mind.

Yanni, with a background in hospitality, shares insights into the changing landscape of hiring practices and emphasizes the importance of building a culture that resonates with prospective employees. The discussion centers on the high costs, both monetary and in terms of time and effort, associated with recruiting. Yanni underscores the need to involve the team in hiring, making it a collective effort.

Together, they explore innovative approaches to assessing cultural fit, such as allowing candidates to “try on” the job through methods like stodging or role-playing. The conversation emphasizes the value of aligning individual goals and aspirations with the company’s culture, going beyond traditional competency assessments.

Touching on the role of incentives, Casey and Yanni discuss the impact of reward structures on attracting the right candidates. They caution against overly aggressive incentives that may not align with the organization’s culture, emphasizing the importance of consistency in cultural messaging. The episode concludes with a discussion on the role of AI in recruitment, highlighting its potential to refine communication and tailor job descriptions to attract the desired candidates.

Tune in to learn how to slow down, invest time in finding the right cultural fit, and recognize the long-term benefits of building a team that aligns with the company’s values and goals.

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Yianni Arhontoulis | Business Advisor

Yianni Arhontoulis | Business Advisor

Chef and business owner Yianni Arhontoulis knows what it’s like to live in the shoes of an entrepreneur and wear many hats. An experienced leader in the hospitality industry, Yianni has grappled with sales, marketing, recruiting, training, financials, operations, systems, strategy – and food. As a Cultivate Advisor, he enjoys helping ambitious owners set goals, overcome challenges, create a scalable platform, and grow their businesses.

Learn more about our guest, Yianni Arhontoulis, Business Advisor at Cultivate.

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