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Ep 26: How Do I Increase Staffing While Maintaining Margins?

Each week, Cultivate CEO & CO-Founder Casey Clark sits down with a small business owner to dig deep into a particular challenge facing their business.

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How Do I Increase Staffing While Maintaining Margins?

On Catapult Your Business, we help catapult business owners one question at a time. In this week’s episode, CEO and Co-Founder Casey Clark is joined by special guest Rick Whittington, the founder of Whittington Consulting, a digital marketing agency specializing in helping companies become industry leaders through content marketing and HubSpot utilization. Rick asks, “How do I increase staffing while maintaining margins?”

Rick shares his challenge of balancing staffing levels with fluctuating revenue cycles, striving to ensure a stable business for himself, his employees, and vendors. Casey shares advice on achieving growth without sacrificing profitability.

They discuss two main approaches: focusing on revenue attribution and scaling the sales engine. They emphasize that every team member should be tied to revenue goals by contributing to sales or generating referrals. They also suggest creating short-term tactics for generating business while building a more sustainable long-term revenue engine.

They also explore the difference between growth-oriented businesses and capacity-oriented businesses. While growth requires investment in sales and marketing, capacity businesses can focus on increasing profitability without necessarily expanding. 

This episode highlights the challenges and decisions business owners face as they strive for growth, profitability, and stability. You will want to experience this episode if you’re scaling your business.

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 Rick Whittington | Founder & Principal of Whittington Consulting

Rick Whittington | Founder & Principal of Whittington Consulting

Rick founded Whittington Consulting in 2006. He is the principal inbound marketing consultant, helping companies determine their digital strategy and how they go to market online.

Learn more about our guest, Rick Whittington Founder & Principal, Whittington Consulting


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