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All of our advisors are actual business people who have built real businesses. They have real-world business experience. These aren’t theoreticians.


You will receive an objective, impartial assessment of your business, where the holes are in your game, and how to best fill them.


You will come away with a business plan, which you can use as your 2023 playbook. It’s yours to keep, even if you choose not to partner with us.


Free means free. No pressure. No obligations.


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Client Success Stories

Client Success Stories

Law Firm

Kogut & Wilson

Eva Kogut

  • Develop leadership skills and best practices
  • Identify, track and measure KPIs
  • Build a plan for recruiting, hiring, and training top talent
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B2B Recruiting

Red Circle Technology

Michael Melendrez

  • Set achievable goals to increase revenue
  • Hire and train new team members to own key processes
  • Refined services, increase pricing, and create a monthly retainer with clients to increase revenue
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Software Implementation

The WFC Group

Neil Shah

  • Hire a sales team and develop a sales engine
  • Improve customer retention
  • Create alignment and transparency in the business
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I have worked with Cultivate Advisors for about six months now, with Mike Schields. It has been an awesome experience! He has helped us make some great connections within the tourism industry as well as dug in to every aspect of our business to find so many ways we can improve! Every session, we work on things that provide tangible results across all aspects of our company! He's an amazing advisor and I consider him an invaluable part of our team! Thanks Cultivate!

Mary Collins

I have had many other business coaches in the past and when I started working with Cultivate Advisors, I felt like it was significantly different in such a good way. They provided many standardized resources that were able to help me systemize a lot of the accountability & goal setting that I hadn't been able to keep track of in the past. The consistent touch bases with my personal Advisor, Cody, was able to hold me accountable to those goals, focus on what was more important, and in turn we have been able to see our company grow immensely (over 300% annually). I would highly recommend Cultivate Advisors to help you grow your business and get your team moving!

Christopher Huffman

Cultivate has definitely helped shape my business in many different ways. Hayden Fulstone our advisor has been day in day out really helping us with the organizational structure of our company and goes above and beyond on what he thinks is right for our business. He is not only very hands on, but very knowledgeable in terms of where to cut costs, where we can expand, and with his experience especially in the CPG industry he has been a tremendous added benefit the last year. Looking forward to many more years to come. I would highly recommend Cultivate Advisors if you are wanting to grow to the next step in your company's life cycle. Specifically Hayden Fulstone for any e-commerce brands and if you are in the CPG space like myself I would highly recommend Hayden to be your advisor as well.

Justin Kim

Cultivate and our advisors Zac and Colin have been game changers for us. They came at a time when we were seeking a new direction in the business and were totally in line with what we were looking for. They are still our advisors and have done such a fantastic job at breaking down any pain points to make it very clear for everyone on our team on what to adjust to be able to do their best. What is interesting is they both have never worked in our industry but have the ability to really absorb what's happening on an organizational level as well as the culture and processes. That was our biggest question and concern before bringing them on, but I'm so glad we took the leap because they really are able understand the culture of our industry and the way business works. Not only does the Cultivate experience come with great advisors like Zac and Colin but also have a great support of information and education - videos, forms, activities which we've soaking in on a regular basis and bringing the team to join as well. Also they have many workshops and events for free as a member that you can join and meet other members and advisors with fantastic speakers. We are extremely happy working with them.

Cary Woodworth

Cultivate Advisors has a great team of professionals and resources for any business owner. My advisor is Jessica Osborn and she has helped so much with setting goals, never losing focus on those goals, and when to pivot. I love the structure of the company where the advisors work together--they have monthly meetings and use each others strengths to help you get through where ever you need guidance. Want to level up you business? Work with Cultivate.

Lauren Fink

My experience with Cultivate Advisors has been a true pleasure from start to finish. Working directly with Jeremy Round was transformational in preparing me to work in a high stakes and fast paced role within the private investment space. From the very start, he helped identify areas for improvement and provided both actionable steps and tools to close those functional gaps. Would highly recommend his services to anyone trying to take their skills and / or business to the next level.

Collin Ritter

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