Energize Your Enterprise With World Class Meetings


In this webinar, you will learn how to sharpen your meeting skills and ensure you have measurable meeting outcomes.

​Have you ever been in a meeting that seemed lacking in structure? Have you ever run a meeting where you looked around and saw uninterested participants? Have you ever left a meeting or a call feeling “this wasn’t worth my time?” It’s not just you! Almost 40% of individuals claim that they suffer through poorly run meetings that hinder their performance due to the wasted time and loss of focus.

​​We are going to work with you this month to ensure that you leave meetings feeling accomplished and with your desired outcomes being met. This skill set ensures you have an ROI on your time.

​​Topics covered in this webinar are:

  • What constitutes a “meeting”?
  • How to properly plan and effectively run your meetings
  • How to inject the culture of your company into your meetings

Your meetings should serve a purpose and be outcome driven. Join Colin Bowman (Business Advisors & Partner) as he brings you this transferable skill.

Energize Your Enterprise With World Class Meetings

Energize Your Enterprise With World Class Meetings

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