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3 Valuable Lessons From Successful CEOs

December 21, 2022

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byBrad Kreutz

Brad Kreutz
Brad Kreutz

CEO, Co-Founder

Chicago, IL

Brad partners with ambitious owners to elevate both their businesses and teams. Using his insights as a 4x founder, he provides both strategic guidance and tactical steps to scale your business effectively.

Catapult Keynote speakers share the biggest lessons learned over their careers.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that the ability to be nimble is an invaluable skill.  The challenges we face turn into lessons that will forever change how we look at running a business.

Fortunately, not every lesson needs to be learned through experience.

At Cultivate Advisors, we believe in providing owners with the support needed to develop their skills, while sharing inspiration and motivation to keep pushing the envelope and moving the needle in their business.

To help inspire and motivate you, we asked our Spring Catapult 2021 Keynote speakers to share the biggest lessons learned throughout their careers.

Work smarter.

Working smart, and being nimble, will get you a lot further than working hard, and staying the course.

Innovation is what transforms hard work from “white-knuckling it” to “leaping forward.” As the business world becomes more competitive and complex, the ability to deliver meaningful innovation into the marketplace becomes even more essential. And, in order to do that you, as the owner,  can’t be the only one innovating. You need everybody on your team problem solving, thinking creatively, and finding opportunities for innovation.

Different always beats better.

Tamara  Ghandour, Founder, Launchstreet


Always invest in personal growth.


My company’s growth will never exceed my personal growth as a leader, entrepreneur, and business owner. This reminds me daily that my success is tied to how much I invest in my personal growth. I know we sometimes can think conferences, courses, and coaching are overrated, but we have to remember the most successful business owners are lifelong learners. So I can’t cut corners on expanding my competency and skillset. This also means I can’t cut corners on the growth and development of my team. I need them to grow with me. In my business, human capital is the most important form of capital.

Anton Gunn, Founder & President, 937 Strategy Group, LLC


Let purpose drive your vision.

There is nothing more powerful than experiencing alignment and integrity in your work and creating opportunities for others to do the same.

Liz Bohannon, CEO, Sseko Designs


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