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Set Your Business Apart Through Innovation, Culture, & Purpose

December 21, 2022

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byCasey Clark

Casey Clark
Casey Clark

CEO, Co-Founder

Chicago, IL

As a business partner, he helps his clients get a holistic view of their financial health by slowing down to talk about numbers. Then, he breaks down even complex problems into one or two elements to help them break through their barriers of growth.

These are the pillars of success for Spring 2021 Catapult’s Keynote Sessions. Get a sneak peek of the biggest takeaways you’ll gain from each of these sessions.

As a leader, the success of your team relies on your continued development. But, as an owner, you have a finite amount of time to dedicate to your professional development. At Cultivate Advisors, we want owners to have the support needed to develop their skills as a leader, gain inspiration and hit their biggest goals.

With that in mind, we built Catapult, an annual conference for entrepreneurs.

For the first time, we’ve split Catapult into two virtual events in Spring and Fall. Spring Catapult 2021, on April 22nd, was designed with over 8 hours of content. It’s a chance to step out of the day-to-day to connect with business owners and learn from experts.

The keynote speakers were chosen to inspire and motivate you to make lasting changes in your business to set you apart from the competition. Here’s a sneak peek at the three fundamental paradigm shifts you’ll leave with when you attend Spring Catapult 2021.

Tamara  Ghandour, Founder, Launchstreet

Moving at the Speed of Innovation

By combining 25 years of business experience, a deep understanding of the neuroscience of the innovative mind, and the psychology of change, Tamara delivers the keys to igniting, scaling and sustaining human- centered innovation that works.

“What” you do may be more relevant than ever, but I’d challenge you to re-imagine “how” you do it. While the massive changes and disruptions of 2020 challenged many of our business models overnight, it also presented new customer problems to solve and opportunities to leverage. To move your business forward, you’ve got to understand how to solve the never-before-experienced problems your customers face and unearth the new opportunities to add value that didn’t exist, even six months ago.

In her keynote, she’ll share how to gain a deeper understanding of your unique innovation strengths so you can perform at your peak and be the strong owner your employees and clients need right now.

Anton Gunn, Founder & President, 937 Strategy Group, LLC

Build Your Culture, Boost Your Bottomline: How Your Leadership Can Revolutionize Productivity, Remake the Workplace, and Drive Results

Great businesses have three things in common: great leaders, great products, and great workplace culture. As an elite leadership and culture strategist, Anton has identified the signs of toxic workplace culture. And he’s has built actionable strategies for leaders to neutralize this negativity and recreate the environment that turns your management into leadership.

Focus on your people, not your profits. Take care of your people, and they will take care of your business. 

In his keynote, he’ll share how focusing on your team leads to higher morale, deeper engagement, increased productivity, and a next-level culture that will inspire your people and teams to stay focused on the mission and drive bigger margins.

Liz Bohannon, CEO, Sseko Designs

Building Purpose into the DNA of your Business

Liz Bohannon wrote an entire book debunking empty phrases like “Find your passion!” and “Dream Big!” Pulling from 10 years of experience starting, growing, and scaling Sseko Designs, Liz shares the gritty, real, hard-won truths about the value of building and leading an organization with purpose and mission at its core.

Understand and believe in the power of purpose and how to integrate it into your day-to-day business. It’s so easy to feel like purpose is a “nice to have” or something to focus on twice a year at company retreats, but the reality is building purpose into our profit is one of the single most valuable things we can do as owners and leaders.

Along with sharing her inspirational Sseko “genesis story,” she’ll share the tools and tactics she uses every day while leading and growing her company.

To drink the full experience of these powerful sessions, along with multiple breakout sessions and opportunities to network, join the Cultivate community for a jam-packed one-day virtual conference April 22 from 10am-5:30pm CST.

Register today at cultivateadvisors.com/catapult/ and use code SPRING for $100 off your ticket.

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