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Cultivate Advisors Launches Free Online Tool to Measure the Value, Health, and Exit Readiness of Small Businesses

The Business Value & Health Assessment Includes a 25-Page Report and Two-Hour Consultation to Review Findings and Identify Opportunities

Chicago, September 5, 2023–Cultivate Advisors, one of North America’s largest small business advisory firms, announced today the launch of its new, free online tool to assess the value, health, and exit readiness of small businesses. The Business Value & Health Assessment evaluates six key areas of a business, from financials to productivity, to identify the 20 most vital value drivers that make up its current worth, while also revealing the opportunities and gaps that impact valuation.

“One thing we’ve learned over the years at Cultivate advising thousands of entrepreneurs is that when you build a company with an exit in mind, you not only maximize its value, but it also becomes much easier to run,” said Cultivate Advisors Co-Founder and CEO Casey Clark. 

“Most businesses don’t know their current value,” noted Cultivate partner and Raincatcher CEO Jason Thomas. “The Business Value & Health Assessment pulls back the curtain on a business’s worth and, more importantly, what the potential value would be if the owner focused on a few key areas. It’s changing the game on how owners can quickly identify ways to grow and build equity in their businesses.” 

Taking less than 15 minutes, owners answer a series of questions on their business’s financials, sales, marketing, leadership, recruiting, and productivity. Once completed, respondents receive a 25-page comprehensive report on their company’s current worth, along with its potential value, pulled from a database of more than 77,000 recent public and private M&A transactions in the United States. The analysis includes a value multiplier per industry and a complete health assessment with value acceleration strategies. A two-hour free consultation with an advisor from Cultivate, specializing in the unique challenges impacting the business, is available to review the findings, discuss tactics to gain a competitive edge, and create a detailed 5-year roadmap to growth, scalability, and exit-readiness.

According to the Exit Planning Institute (EPI), another Cultivate partner, nearly 50% of all business exits are involuntary and forced by dramatic external factors, and 79% have no plan. “Knowing your company’s value is a number all owners should have. Even more critical is understanding the path to a higher valuation and what makes that number grow or fall,” said the organization’s President, Scott Snider. “Cultivate’s new assessment tool lets owners easily understand where their company is today and where it could go by showcasing its strengths, risks, and value gap, allowing them to make immediate adjustments that bring higher profits short-term and increased value long-term. It’s a great starting point for anyone interested in building a stronger company.”

“We love that Cultivate Advisors leads with value when they work with owners,” said Newity SVP of Business Services Frank Dowie of his company’s partnership with the advisory firm. “This tool uncovers one of the biggest blind spots for any owner: What their business is currently worth and what it could be worth by simply pulling a few important levers.”

To learn more about the Business Value & Health Assessment, visit exit.cultivate advisors.com.



Cultivate Advisors, an affiliate of Cultivate Brands, the business and financial operations advising powerhouse comprised of Cultivate Advisors, Breakwater Accounting, and Performance Platform, is one of North America’s largest small business skill development and coaching firms. Built from a team of entrepreneurial-minded advisors with firsthand experience running successful companies, Cultivate has helped thousands of owners in 160+ industries scale, grow, and become exit-ready, with those working with the firm 12 months or more experiencing an average growth rate of 43% in top-line revenue and 65% in bottom-line profit year-over-year. In 2023, Cultivate made the Inc. 5000 for the fifth year in a row and the organization’s Best Workplaces list. Co-Founder and CEO Casey Clark was also recognized for his work with the Gold Stevie Award for Best Entrepreneur by the American Business Awards. To learn more about Cultivate Advisors, visit cultivateadvisors.com.






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