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Spike McDougall

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Passionate entrepreneur and advisor Spike McDougall loves helping entrepreneurs so much that he would practically do it pro bono. Having participated in the launch of several companies, he has experienced successes and failures and has learned how to grow from the obstacles common to most business owners. As a Cultivate Advisor, he brings his unique background, energy, enthusiasm, and drive to help others succeed. 

Like many entrepreneurs, Spike had more real-world experience than formal education when he founded his first business. Launching a multinational telecommunications company with residential e-commerce solutions, he eventually added a separate commercial solutions division with equipment and installation services. After that, he started a wine import and distribution company with self-curated brands and divisions.

Spike McDougall
A natural leader and coach, he embraces the opportunity to propel other entrepreneurs forward. Amazed by owners who have an absolute passion for what they do, Spike helps them bring their vision to life by creating an organized path and building steps to reach their goals. 
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Spike has touched all parts of business, but his forte is helping entrepreneurs pivot, create new revenue lanes and initiate solid sales techniques. He finds it tremendously fulfilling to partner with clients and watch the positive impact of guidance and mentorship happen time after time. After working with Spike, clients have the confidence to gain control of their company, take necessary steps, and make decisions without getting lost in day-to-day responsibilities. Working with other Cultivate Advisors has provided Spike with extensive resources for helping as many people as possible, and using his strengths in sales strategies, managing, and coaching is highly satisfying work. 

Spike McDougall enjoys sports, fishing, and travel and lives in South Florida with his wife and two sons. He is a Sommelier and a former professional baseball player for the Florida Marlins. 

Spike McDougallSpike McDougall