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Shannon Valko

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As the founder, owner, and operator of many innovative businesses, Shannon Valko understands the highs and lows of entrepreneurism. As a Cultivate Advisor, she is committed to providing her clients with experienced-backed guidance, while allowing space for collaboration and business therapy.

Before joining Cultivate, Shannon developed the concept for a family-centered play cafe, opened two locations, and managed the creative program development that drove growth and sustainability of the brand. She is also the co-owner and brand developer of a slime kit and party business and the founder of an online educational platform that incentivizes kids to learn about finances and economics. In addition, Shannon developed a non-profit, worked to sell its day program to local schools, and created and strategized its first storefront location.

Shannon Valko
Shannon knows the ropes of small business ownership and understands that it’s common to feel swamped and alone. She helps owners tackle challenges with solution-based problem solving and assists them with plans for scale and growth.
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Shannon has helped one owner of a long-standing business update systems and processes, think through scale and strategy, and streamline their HR processes. Another client is getting Shannon’s assistance in the areas of leadership, organization, and team training. She also helps clients with strategic planning and financial goal-setting.

Shannon is passionate about helping small business owners transform themselves from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to empowered and focused. Understanding the challenges of ownership, she works alongside owners to provide accountability, clarity, and a listening ear. As a Cultivate Advisor, Shannon loves the culture and leadership that enrich her with the tools she needs to help others.

Shannon Valko lives in Evanston, Illinois, and spends most of her non-work hours driving her kids around in circles to their activities. Known for successfully juggling many things at once, Shannon also enjoys organizing, skiing, and spending time outdoors.

Shannon ValkoShannon Valko