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Nancy Benjamin

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As a zealous world traveler and tenacious entrepreneur, Nancy Benjamin has a global perspective and years of hard-earned wisdom. As a Cultivate Advisor, she offers unique marketing and business expertise to help owners enhance and grow their businesses. 

For more than two decades, Nancy owned an import company that took her to remote corners of Southeast Asia. When she wasn’t climbing volcanoes, exploring fascinating cultures, or snorkeling off of secluded beaches, she designed and manufactured fine-quality home decor. She marketed and sold this unique decor to some of the world’s finest hotels before selling her company. Then she returned to her creative marketing skills, consulting small firms and start-ups. By joining Cultivate Advisors, she merged her two great passions–business and marketing– to help other entrepreneurs. 

Nancy Benjamin
Always a student as well as a teacher, Nancy enjoys the constant learning at Cultivate – from clients, teammates, and a growing list of connections. Uncommonly versatile, Nancy helps clients enhance revenue streams and scale their businesses. With her strategic insight and skill in messaging, she builds marketing departments from the ground up and offers solid leadership advice. Following Nancy’s guidance, her clients enjoy unprecedented growth, including one that has repeatedly doubled yearly revenue. 
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Nancy is proud of each and every client who bravely meets the daily challenges of entrepreneurship. She encourages her clients to start with a passionate vision, reachable metrics, and smart, documentable systems. Then she inspires them to stick to it.  

Honest, action-oriented, and a firm believer in client accountability, Nancy is also a caring, fun-loving person who helps her clients create a practical plan and stay the course. In turn, they reward her with a steady stream of referrals, the highest compliment in Nancy’s eyes. 

An intrepid global adventurer, Nancy has visited 38 countries with her young daughter, and 100 countries in all. If you happen to find Nancy at home in Chicago, she might be working in her organic vegetable garden, hiking, reading, enjoying the arts, or supporting a community event.

Nancy BenjaminNancy Benjamin