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Michele Phillips

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With over 20 years of experience, Michele Phillips knows the excitement and challenges that come with leading a team and business, both large and small. Michele brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to help her clients succeed in their businesses. 

In an industry where 80% of businesses fail, Michele not only grew but successfully sold and exited her company after 8 years. She scaled her business to seven figures with 14-17% profit year-over-year. Beyond her experience as an entrepreneur, Michele also excelled in sales and project management in the corporate banking world.

Having been successful in both the corporate and entrepreneurial world, Michele brings a wide range of skills and knowledge. Her tenacity and action-oriented approach enable her to solve even the most difficult challenges her clients face. 

Michele Phillips
Under her guidance, Michele’s clients define their vision, create an action plan, and execute their strategy. 
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Michele’s process enables entrepreneurs to increase revenue and profitability quickly and sustainably. She guides clients to help them establish clear sales processes with KPIs and tracking to ensure they are on the right path to start reaching their income targets. Michele brings an outside perspective that allows business owners to set goals, overcome their toughest challenges, and create the systems and processes needed to grow.

After working with Michele, entrepreneurs have a renewed belief in their ability to create the success they desire. They learn how to develop systems and processes to ensure consistent output and become more productive with clearly defined and achievable goals.

Helping entrepreneurs define and reach their vision while finding balance in their life is what drives Michele. She enjoys working with business owners who are passionate about their products or service and need help getting to the next level.

Michele has lived all over the country and is now happy to call San Diego home. She loves to hike, read, travel, and enjoy the beach. She has a wonderful group of friends, lives close to her family, and has a 3-year-old grandson who considers her his best friend.

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