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Cheryl Lynch

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Cheryl Lynch launched her first business at age eight. Since then, this serial entrepreneur has gathered a lifetime of experience as an entrepreneur. Before joining the Cultivate team, Cheryl has been the solopreneur of six businesses as diverse as auto detailing, consulting, retail, catering, property management, and a bar. She has also been a partner in a real estate development company, service business, and auto repair facility. With a business background that includes many different fields, Cheryl brings a broad spectrum of experience. As a Cultivate Advisor, she uses her hard-earned wisdom to help aspiring, growth-oriented business owners exceed their expectations. 

Cheryl knows that the walk of a business owner can be filled with the lowest of lows and the highest of highs. It’s typical to make mistakes and learn hard lessons, but it’s easier when you can learn from the mistakes of others and avoid making them yourself. She helps clients make better-informed decisions and work smarter, not just harder. Empathizing with client struggles and offering solid guidance, Cheryl is energized and rewarded by the success she sees in her clients. 

Cheryl Lynch
After working with Cheryl, clients develop and take away a totally different thought process that they use for ongoing business success.
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Honest, supportive, and trustworthy, Cheryl explains things so clients can grasp it and go with it. She provides distinctive assistance in areas like: financial control and cost reduction, leadership and team building, operations, sales, marketing, and succession planning. She is passionate about helping business owners achieve business success as they uniquely define it.  

Cheryl resides with her business partner and significant other in St. Augustine, Florida. When not working, she enjoys traveling the world, learning about cultures, sampling new foods, and meeting fun people. When back home, Cheryl enjoys cooking, spending time with friends, watching sports, and cheering on the Dallas Cowboys.


Cheryl LynchCheryl Lynch