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Results Generated by Cultivate Clients

Cultivate is partnered with thousands of business owners. The following stats are year-over-year results for Cultivate clients that have worked with us for 12 months or more.


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When 2020 was the beginning of the end for most small business, I can tell you that I was literally stumped of ways to keep up! Cultivate Advisors firm was highly recommend by one of my trusted colleagues, and Colin Bowman was the best form of high quality business coaching I have ever received. The terms were easy and his attention to details and responsiveness was exceptionally fantastic! He delivered more than my expectation and was genuinely the best type for me to work with. He asked well-prepared & thought out questions and gained an insight to my infrastructure that helped me navigate to a higher scale in a extremely shorter period of time! I highly recommend Colin and Cultivate Advisors for business owners looking to grow or expand!

Lisa Brumm

Autumn Joyce has been incredibly helpful for our business. She has helped us pivot our retail store at a time when we needed it the most. She is opened our eyes to a new way of looking at our business practices. In addition to being a very knowledgeable business advisor she is a wonderful person to work with and talk to.

Joseph Pizzo

Working with Cultivate Advisors has transformed the way we operate—in the best ways possible. Colin Bowman is a dedicated advisor who takes the time to understand our business and guide us on our path to success. Thanks to our work together, we have become more fiscally informed, goal-oriented and organized. From accounting to staffing to sales, Colin walked us through the process and was available whenever we needed him. He pushed our ways of thinking and operating, encouraging us to look at our business through fresh eyes. He was always available to answer questions, offer additional resources and give us a round of applause when our goals were achieved. Thanks to Colin, we have a fresh mindset and concrete systems in place that will be instrumental in growing our success. The training, educational and networking resources available through Cultivate are a huge bonus.

Jamie Pagett

Starting a successful business is incredibly difficult and requires mentorship and an accountability buddy. Cultivate Advisors is that and more. I could not have built my business without them. I hired Cultivate when I was early in my business and I had a month where I earned zero income. I knew I needed help. I worked with Mike and then Nancy. They helped me move from a solo entrepreneur working out of my house to a successful business with employees and a downtown Chicago office. I have not had a dry month since hiring them and still continue to use their services.

Janice Dantes

I have been working with Brad Kreutz and Cultivate Advisors for a couple years now, and they are amazing. I'm excited to write a review to help the people who help me in everything I do. They are one of my favorite - of a dozen plus - vendors and professional services companies my firm employs. When I advise businesses, I always tell them they need an accountant, an attorney, and an advisor or coach. Everything else can be gotten/learned/hired later. Without those three things, they're setting themselves and their businesses up for failure. My law firm, like any small business, requires me to do a lot more than just widget-making, or lawyering. I am the head of marketing, client relations, accounting, financial planning, strategy - you name it. Cultivate offers me expertise outside of my focus on practicing law, in the other areas of running a business. They help me with the all the other, non-lawyer, "hats" that I wear on a daily basis. They give me a second opinion on ideas I am considering. They are another set of eyes to catch anything I might miss or misunderstand. They give me counsel on what I should be measuring (the KPIs and more in depth metrics) as well as what I should be targeting for improvement (future goals and strategies). Sometimes, they simply give me therapy to know that every small business has its ups and downs and that yes, I'm still sane and doing just fine, lol. On occasion, they are my accountability partner, calling me on my stuff and pushing me to get done what I need to, rather than just forever "intending" to do it. In short, they always have my back and they're a trusted partner in every aspect of my business. I consider Brad a friend who is genuinely invested in seeing me succeed, not just some guy I pay to give me a few pointers here and there. He and Cultivate have dozens of well-seasoned business experts with diverse backgrounds, all focused on making sure their clients succeed. Having met many of those advisors and clients at various conferences, the company is pretty good at what it does and a lot of those clients are - like me - doing much better than they were before Cultivate. Anyone who is serious about seeing their business succeed should definitely give them a call.

Dave Roemerman

Investing in Cultivate Advisors and working with Angi Semler Welch has been one of the best investments we've made! My business partner and I launched a law firm and nine months in, we realized we could use some business advice. That's where Angi from Cultivate came in. Angi has been a tremendous help for our business - from figuring out KPI's, sorting out financials, developing business goals, to finding ways for my business partner and I to be more efficient. I also love how Angi sends us recap emails right after our advising sessions and also sends us reminders about various action items ahead of the next meeting. I have also made some great connections through the Cultivate community.

Jennifer Wong