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Receive two free hours of business advising with an experienced advisor through this exclusive offer. Using our unique methodology, we’ll help you assess the gaps and opportunities in your business and create a customized plan that will guide you to your vision and destination.

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Get Free Business Advising with Cultivate Advisors

Get Free Business Advising with Cultivate Advisors

Experience Advising For Yourself

When you’re growing your non-profit it’s easy to get caught up in the here and now but to get sustainable growth, you need to take a step back and look at the whole picture.

Through our Free Advising Session, you get the opportunity to step out of the day-to-day and get the full client experience. You’ll be partnered with an experienced advisor where you will spend two full hours digging into your organization to uncover bottlenecks and develop a 5-year roadmap based on where you are and where you would like to be.

With this roadmap, you’ll have a tangible plan you can implement to reach your long-term goals. You can take it and run, or you can partner with your advisor to hit those goals even faster.

Schedule your free 2-hour Advising Session to:

  • Step outside of your organization to gain new perspective, and spend time working on it not in it
  • Work alongside an experienced entrepreneur who will help you uncover and narrow your non-profit’s vision and mission
  • Build a 5-year roadmap of what needs to happen to reach your goals
  • Dive deep on one specific topic or pain point and gain the full client/advisor experience
About Cultivate Advisors

About Cultivate Advisors

Results Generated by Cultivate Clients

Cultivate is partnered with thousands of business owners. The following stats are year-over-year results for Cultivate clients that have worked with us for 12 months or more.


Average Growth in Top Line Revenue


Average Growth in Bottom Line Profit


In just a short time, Matt Fox has delivered Cultivate's promise to accelerate my business. With just one suggestion from Matt, I was able to generate sales that blew my monthly projections out of the water. He knows his stuff and is able to share it in ways that complement my brand.

Arianna Howard

Working with TJ at Cultivate Advisors has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only has he operated as a "non equity partner" in helping us chart courses and make decisions, but he also genuinely CARES about the progress of our business. His enthusiasm when we succeed and willingness to even pass referrals our way speaks volumes for his work ethic and relationships with his clients! We are very happy with our relationship with Cultivate Advisors so far!

Jacob Amundsen

The best part of working with Cultivate Advisors is that they listen to your needs as a business owner and then work with you on the areas of focus that will help you and your company grow and thrive. We worked on our sales funnel process for months before moving into ways to improve internal productivity, and then switched to sorting out better cash flow and financial decision-making. Whatever you're looking to do, advisors like TJ will formulate a plan to help you get there.

Eric Elkins

I’ve been working with a TJ since November and it has been a game-changer on the high-level planning, structure, systems and stagey… so we can start to scale. We’ve got a hiring plan in place that is triggered my sales goals when to hire who. I’ve been really cautious of growing for the sake of growth … that’s cancer. It’s really easy to grow with all these opportunities, right now. To have that plan laid out its brought a lot of clarity of how to get from here to their. Working with Cultivate Advisors has been a HUGE level up for the business.

Dylan Ochala

I currently am working with Maura from the Cultivate team and I have more buisness confidence now then ever before. I am working on growing and scaling my businesses with the help of the Cultivate advisors and their recourses. Our weekly meetings help me stay on course with my growth plans and opportunities. I highly recommend making the investment in this team of skilled professional advisors.

Dana Fountain

I love working with my team at Cultivate! For a small buisness owner, it is all the super I need to continue to scale and grow my companies. I highly recommend the investment in a skilled and knowledgeable consultant from their team!

Snips Of Success, NFP

I love working with Maura. I look forward to all of our calls and get so much value. I originally signed up to work with her for just 6 months, and we have now just celebrated a year of working together!

Jane's Agenda Master Account

We receive tremendous benefit from working with Andy Montgomery. His expertise helps us in our business and his great attitude makes the time spent together worthwhile. Plus he connects us to valued experts across the Cultivate network.

Valerie & Trey Danna

I have had the pleasure of working with Maura Vella at Cultivate Advisors both in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of my own business and in working together with mutual clients. I've been impressed with her professionalism, rapid responses, and expert knowledge when working with mutual clients. I've seen firsthand how her insights and advice can help small businesses improve their operations and accelerate their growth. Highly recommended!

Ryan Behrends

Did the leadership course that Cultivate Advisors offers with Roy Flemming, it was excellent. Roy is great at adapting and focusing in on what the groups specific needs are, resulting in a personal but professional approach that helps make everyone feel comfortable engaging. He openly practiced what he was teaching us and encouraged us in between classes to do the same and followed up in the next session. Roy went above and beyond, ensuring that if we had questions or felt the need for a one-on-one, he would be available outside of the actual course time. I would highly recommend Roy and this course for anyone who is remotely interested in improving their leadership skills.

Caro StJohn

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