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"We’re proud to work with Cultivate to extend our ability to support small businesses. We love that Cultivate’s entire team calls upon their past entrepreneurial experience to help our members’ businesses grow and thrive."
- Frank Dowie, SVP Head of Business Services at NEWITY

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Get Free Business Advising with Cultivate Advisors and Newity

Get Free Business Advising with Cultivate Advisors and Newity

What to Expect

You’ll be partnered with an expert advisor and spend two hours digging into your business to uncover bottlenecks and develop a 5-year roadmap. Schedule your Free Business Assessment to:

  • Gain outside perspective, and spend time working on the business, versus in it.
  • Work alongside an experienced entrepreneur who will help you identify KPIs to achieve your vision.
  • Build a 5-year roadmap to identify the priorities to help you reach your goals.
  • See how your business compares to others hitting extremely fast growth rates.
About Cultivate Advisors

About Cultivate Advisors

Take Full Advantage

In addition to the free assessment, you can take advantage of these other free benefits because of this partnership.

Free LMS Training Access

Get unlimited access to award-winning online training courses in core business skills for up to 10 team members. Courses include: Financial Fundamentals, Rock Star Recruiting, Personal Productivity, Prescriptive Selling, Customer Service, Impactful Communication, and Dynamic Leadership

Business Valuation & Health Assessment

Get a free business appraisal to learn how much your business is worth so you can make better long-term decisions for your business.

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I fully enjoyed and benefited from the free 2-hour advisory meeting with Michele Phillips. She quickly understood my business and provided concrete advice and direction for taking my business to the next level. Additionally, I was somewhat expecting to be 'talked into' hiring her, however, to my delight, there were no high-pressure sales tactics. Just the facts presented in a way to enable the business owner to make an informed decision. Thank you Michelle! I would fully recommend you to anyone serious about taking their business to the next level.

JoAnn Zymler

I work with Andrea Ross and I can't speak highly enough about the value she's given to me and my company. When I hired her I was really working in a heads down environment, knowing that I wanted growth, but not seeing how to map out the path to get there. Andrea has helped me see my business from an elevated perspective and really work on the vision and then work out what we need to do to get there. Not only has she helped with this big picture planning, but we then realized that one key to our growth was recruitment and we have now created a highly successful recruitment strategy that this week I saw the results of! Knowing that I have a clear recruitment and interview process and that we are mapping out the onboarding plan takes so much of the stress out of the process and allows me to know that I'm logically and intentionally approaching each step. As a business advisor and an executive coach Andrea just approaches the business and my leadership in a holistic way and I'm thrilled to have found her.

Caroline Gregg

We have been working with Rudy Franco with the Cultivate Advisors teams for about 5 months so far and it has been an incredible experience! My brother and I have incorporated our plumbing company based in Massachusetts early 2022 and where in the process of structuring our company. I saw a Facebook ad for Cultivate advisors and got on a 2 hrs session with them to identify what type of information my company needed help with. We signed up and hit the ground running. Since then we have checked off nearly all of the items we identified from the 1st meeting.

Nate Johnson

Working with Stephanie Magurno has been wonderful! I've done more in my business the 6 months working with her then I have in 9 years owning the business. I love the meeting structure and how efficient we are with our time, the tasks we tackle together and really taking my business to the next level. Huge thank you!

Sarah Douglas

I am co-owner of CR Structures Group, Inc. in Appleton, WI. My business partner and I along with our Executive Team have been working with Cody Muenster for 6 months now. Cody is truly a part of our Team. He as been integral in helping us navigate the exponential growth we are experiencing right now. From strategic planning, leadership training, financing, human resources, or process improvement he has brought a wealth of experience and resources that we have been able to leverage to assist us. I highly recommend Cody and the entire Cultivate Advisors group.

Kip Golden

Our team has been working with Aggie for the past several months and WOW! I cannot begin to describe how incredible she is. I came into the process not knowing anything about business, how to support a team through a challenging shift, how to run a business, and quite frankly how to trust or believe in myself to actually run a healthy/sustainable business -- and Aggie has patiently held my hand during the entire process. She's been nothing but supportive and encouraging and those two things are more than anything I could have asked for during this transition. Aggie shows up to every session with a fun and positive attitude and knows her shi*t! We couldn't have been matched with a more perfect consultant. I think I'm about ready to let go of her hand -- such deep and heartfelt gratitude to her!

Rayell Grayson

As an entrepreneur my day to day sometimes feels like a roller coaster. I really value Rudy Franco's proactivity. For the past 6 months he has always been there available to help me see things from a outer perspective. Having our weekly meetings allow me to stop, review the priorities, and come up with the best strategy to move forward.

Alejandro Cabrera Muñoz

We have been working with Cultivate Advisors for the last 4 years. Michele Phillips, our new advisor who has been working so closely with us on many aspects of our business, has been wonderful at reminding us of the big picture while also getting all the detail-oriented tasks done together. She is super reliable with a detailed agenda for every session, and is also willing to help our business in any way, even bringing in other professionals in other areas. We are a boutique design agency that values attention and genuine care for the client — so it's great to work with a team that mirrors our core values. We almost doubled in our growth in the past year, and Michele worked with us on systemizing the financials, HR, and more. Even in tumultuous times, she has been very good at receiving and giving constructive feedback. With this growth mindset and willingness to truly customize the consultation sessions catered for us, I am confident that we will continue to build and grow our business in the most fulfilling way we can imagine.

Dakyung Lee

As a new business owner, at first I was concerned about the cost and commitment. I have found the support so valuable I have now been working with Maura Vella at Cultivate for 9 months with no plans to stop. The return on investment, time saved, and growth possible has been fantastic. I am very pleased with my experience and cannot thank Maura Vella enough!

Anthony Tucci

Working with Jay Cash at Cultivate Advisors has been such an amazing journey, that 5 Stars is an understatement. I started working with Jay Cash in 2022 and I am so grateful that I did, when looking for a mentor I wanted someone that is truly passionate about helping others, someone that is honest and transparent, someone that has integrity and just someone that is willing to above and beyond for the benefit of your aspiration. Jay is currently helping me build a startup and the approach that he takes makes something that is extremely hard, digestible. Jay provides me with bite size pieces of the strategy during each meeting and that approach is much appreciated because it helps me to stay grounded and avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed. I will recommend Jay time and time again, no matter what stage of your business you are in, Jay is a great asset to have in your toolbox. Thank you Jay so very much for everything, 5 Stars is not enough to express my gratitude!

Kayla Broomfield

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