How to Clearly Define Your Product or Service

You may think you know what your business does. But, is it at a stage where you can articulate what your business offers to others in a way they can comprehend?

Why is it important to have clarity? It allows you to have a clear vision around what you do or sell. Having a clear definition also helps you describe what you do when networking, marketing, or selling. As your business grows, you can broaden your offering relative to your core.

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Financials – the Small Business Demon

Is this you… Scared of numbers? Does the sight of them overwhelm you? When forced to look at your numbers do you begin to laugh uncontrollably because you are so uncomfortable and embarrassed by them? When you do try, you are unsure of how to go about it; eventually throwing your hands up in dismay of […]

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3 Steps to Be Your Best In Any Situation

Ever hear someone say, “I was in the right place at the right time”? Or “I got really lucky…” landing my first gig, project, sale, employee, etc. Whatever the context, it seems like the stars align and luck just makes things happen easily for some people, right? We look at them enviously while they land […]

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