You Know, We all Know

By May 16, 2017Leadership

Blogs, Vlogs, Articles, Posts, etc. we all know; at this point, the internet and social media have created so much content that we literally know everything.  And, if we don’t, we can Google it and have a genuinely good understanding of something in 2 minutes. What’s the problem? Well, knowing that we know “everything” is a curse in disguise.

This knowledge curse has created an information overload that interferes with what we should do. Hear me out, if I started a business of my own, I could look up everything I need to know. I mean literally everything! Creating a business plan, my go-to market strategy, how to hire employees, hell, I could even learn to code and make my own app or website just from the internet.

While this is an absolute gift; the internet age, as we can call it, has created a lack of action and concrete learning. Concrete learning is where folks learn through action. This concrete learning has a ton of impact for future learning, as well. A great example, a client of mine runs a creative business and when we get together once a month to problem solve and plan, they are exponentially quicker at picking things up and applying it because they have experience to relate the learning to. This type of learning, reflective learning, can only happen when learning is through past experiences and stories. That’s right, action creates multiple new avenues of connected learning, concrete when taking the action, and reflective after the experience, to connect future learning.

When it’s all said and done, the internet is a phenomenal resource for us to find and learn anything we want. It’s up to us to take this knowledge, act on it, and open up a whole new realm of learning through concrete and reflective learning. These experiences are what creates the true entrepreneurs of the next generation. Go out there and conquer the world through action and we’ll all be happier you did.

Drew Brogden

Author Drew Brogden

As a small business advisor, Drew is passionate about helping owners holistically run their business. He brings his entrepreneurial experience and outside perspective to aid owners in finding balance and developing the skills to take their business to the next level.

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