Get More From Your Cultivate Membership

Create meaningful connections, learn valuable skills, and move the needle in your business.

As a Client, you get more than 1:1 Advising

Regardless of how much time you spend with your advisor each month, we know that your development shouldn’t end there. You should have access to the tools and resources that empower you to tackle all of your challenges head-on. That’s why we have a training team dedicated to providing you with additional value to help you grow and thrive. It’s customized 1:1 advising to accelerate your growth. It’s an LMS that enables you to continue your development outside of advising time. It’s Webinars, Roundtables, and Catapult that help you increase your skill set while meeting other entrepreneurs in the same battle. It’s the community. All of our content was built with you in mind, and you have unlimited access to take control and continue developing between sessions at no added cost.

Perks of Joining the Cultivate Community

Training & Resources

Grow your soft skills with through engaging video, downloadable white papers and worksheets. As a client, you get exclusive access to our LMS. The learning center is perfect for you and your team to hone your skills with unique courses ranging from sales to leadership and beyond. 

Interactive Webinars

Once a month, our team of expert advisors host a live webinar on an important business skill where they shares best practices and valuable lessons learned from scaling multiple businesses. Designed with owners in mind, you’ll be sure to walk away with a new perspective and a handful of action items to go implement.

AcuMax Assessment

Access important information about your team or interview candidates with free AcuMax Index Assessment. In under 5 minutes you can learn the how your team operates and how to work with them more effectively. As a client, you can get access to AcuMax through your advisor who can help walk you through the results so that you get the most value out of it.

Catapult is now fully virtual. See clips from our in-person Catapult Conference.

Catapult Conference Ticket

Twice a year we host a 1-day virtual conference designed to help owners move their business forward with strategy sessions, focused skill training, motivational keynotes and peer-to-peer idea sharing. Catapult combines skill building and implementation so you leave with tangible results.  Cultivate-led sessions will make sure you have the right information as well as plenty of time to get your questions answered.

Business Valuation 

Obtaining a business appraisal is essential for long-term planning. It is a strategic planning tool. Step one in building value is to know how much your business is currently worth.

As a client, you have access to our exclusive business valuation service.

woman looks at business goal analysis

Discounts & Exclusive Perks

Members of our community also have access to exclusive discounts to our vetted partners.

What will help you grow to the next level?

We’re always looking for ways to help you grow even faster.  If there is something you want to see that’s not listed above, let us know!