Slush Time Creation Tool

Prepare for the unknown with slush time

If you look at your calendar for the day, and every hour is planned to a T, you may think you’ve made the best use of your day and give yourself a little pat on the back. But if you are booked straight through the day, what do you when an unplanned but urgent task comes up?

This is where the slush time comes in. Our tool breaks down your weekly agenda and helps you analyze just how much slush time you should need in the week. We’ll start by helping you outline the typical unplanned projects that pop up in your day-to-day. Then we’ll calculate the amount of time these tasks usually take and the hours you work a week. We’ll give you a perfectly crafted slush time for you to apply to your weekly schedule.

Set time aside to be prepared for the unplanned with the Slush Time Creation tool below.

Download Your Slush Time Creation Tool

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