Priority Management Tool

Tackle your day-to-day with a year-end focus

As a business owner, it may feel like your daily to-do list is never-ending. Does that mean your priorities are also never-ending? Your daily actions impact your year-end results, and you may feel overwhelmed to stay on track as new projects pop up suddenly. So we developed a tool to help you see align your daily actions with your larger goals.

Your day-to-day can be framed around unplanned circumstances like a product delivery mishap or an internal conflict, and it’s important to be able to pivot. In this tool, we help you calculate exactly what your time is worth. After that, we deliver a schedule that outlines your yearly, monthly and weekly goals alongside your day-to-day agenda. So next time you get caught up in an unplanned project, you can remember your year-end goals and your efficiency rate and maybe delegate that task to another team member.

Use this tool weekly, monthly or quarterly to stay on track and you’ll be hitting those yearly goals like a pro!

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