In & Out Communication Tool

Are you constantly switching between email, text messages or voicemails?

As a business owner, it’s common to feel like you’re being hit from all sides. Without establishing clear rules of communication, you never know what to type of communication tactic to expect. It can be overwhelming, and it can reduce productivity.

A major component of managing your time effectively is learning how to protect your time. This includes setting clear rules and boundaries around internal and external communication.

Creating clear channels is the first step to help streamline productivity and can open-up space to focus on other important avenues within your business. This will also allow you the freedom to step away from your computer or phone with peace of mind. Establishing clear rules with each employee around how emails and phone communication should work along with an overall expectation of how you work can ensure expectations and deadlines are met on a consistent basis.

Download our In & Out Communication tool to start setting clear expectations for you and your team.


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