Stephanie Englund-Siegel is a licensed real estate broker with Coldwell Banker.
Since 2005, she has serviced clients in both Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

Increased Net Profit
by 60%

Grew Revenue by
5M (100%)

Grew Average
Transaction by 30%

Valued Client for 30 Months

For more than a decade, Stephanie Englund-Siegel has worked independently as a licensed real estate broker with Coldwell Banker. In 2013, she was feeling overwhelmed. Although her business was doing well, she knew she could do better. Looking to gain an outside perspective and more organization, she partnered with Cultivate.

Over the course of 2.5 years we have worked with Stephanie to identify challenges, create goals, and developed systems to increase revenue and profit.


  • Analyzed business to identify clientele, cost of acquisition, and time-based ROI

  • Developed turn-key systems to help streamline operating systems 

  • Identified key performance indicators

  • Held consistent accountability to ensure plan was overachieved each year

  • Created buyer and seller sales process packages & collateral

  • Developed projected metric business plan


“Casey helped me organize my business and taught me to look at things through the lens of a business owner. In the early stages, we sat down to analyze my business and identify how I wanted to grow. From there we started to put some short- medium- and long-term systems in place to always have those goals top of mind so that I’m not only doing things for the right now business but also the future business.”


  • Sales & Assertiveness
  • Time & Priority Management
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Vision Development
  • Mindset & Confidence
  • Financial Profitability
  • Leadership
  • Metric Planning


As Stephanie continues to grow and scale, she will be working with her consultant to build out future plans that will ultimately allow her to achieve her 5-year vision.  With aggressive goals in mind, the focus is on recruiting and training top talent that will allow her business to scale and sustain.

“Cultivate has changed me for the better.  A better me means I can grow a better business and be a better version of myself.  I knew I needed help before I started with Cultivate, but I did not know what help I needed.  Working with Cultivate has helped me grow in ways I did not know was possible and has opened my mind to a different way of thinking.  I feel the items we are working on for my business are customized for me with my comfort level to help me grow and not a generic system everyone has to follow.”
– Stephanie Englund-Siegel