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Martin Creative is a Chicago-based agency focused on digital design, user experience, and website optimization. Since 2006, Martin Creative has helped brands communicate with their audience through original content and slick design.

300% growth
in annual revenue

Doubled employees within first
year of working together

Assisted with the sale
of client portfolio

Valued Client for 28 Months

In 1998, Joe Martin created Martin Creative to provide content managed solutions for small- to medium-sized business. Knowing he wanted to scale his business, but not sure how to take it to the next level, he decided to partner with Cultivate.

In a little over 2 years, we have worked to develop a custom go-to-market strategy and refined services to maximize profitability.


  • Created structure and org chart allowing scalability
  • Refined services & created business packages to increase revenue
  • Provided leadership skill training on conflict resolution, situational leadership, & decision making
  • Coached CEO on time & priority management
  • Designed business plan and held owner accountable
  • Created financial model and held monthly trend meetings
  • Provided coaching on sales skills


“Over the last 2 years, I feel like I have received an MBA from my time working with my consultant. So much of what I’ve learned are simple principles that apply to the foundation of any business. Sure, companies may offer different products and services, but at the core, those concepts, they’re the same across the board.”


  • Financial Profitability
  • Accountability
  • Outside Perspective
  • Business Connections
  • Increased Annual Revenue
  • Sales Skills
  • Time & Priority Management


In 2015, Martin Creative decided to pivot its business model to focus on a new product-based platform. We worked with the company to structure a deal and vet potential buyers for the client side of the business. We introduced Martin Creative to the buyer and help facilitate a sale that was completed in 30 days.

Since the sale, we have focused on:

  • Developing a strategy & road map to complete organizational transformation
  • Developing a go-to-market strategy which includes selling to an enterprise affiliate, allowing for 10x scale in the next year on a new product

“I had really aggressive goals when scaling my business from 2 to 8 employees. Working with Cultivate helped me double my revenue by refining my sales process, planning new business opportunities, and stepping into a business world that I didn’t have much experience in.”
– Joe Martin