Enerspace is a professionally designed shared office space. Through a variety of amenities and programs, Enerspace helps small business owners and entrepreneurs achieve wellbeing to perform their best work.

Redefined business model for
a 25% increase in profit

Supported hiring, training, and development for marketing/sales staff

Created sustainable systems and supported the sale of company

Valued Client for 18 Months

In 2012, Jamie Russo opened Enerspace, a coworking space designed to help entrepreneurs and mobile professionals achieve well being at work. Knowing she wanted to open more locations, Jamie needed an outside perspective on her business.

Over the past 18 months, we have worked with Jamie to analyze her business, identify opportunities, and implement solutions to create a scalable business model.


  • Identified areas in which the company was losing revenue
  • Created a sales and marketing plan
  • Developed financial profitability systems and strategy
  • Business model designed for successful sale of company
  • Developed systems to optimize Chicago office to use as a model unit for other locations
  • Coached CEO on time & priority management
  • Analyzed financials to identify opportunities for growth
  • Provided an outside perspective on business decisions
  • Provided sales skill training for team


“It’s very hard to have a business partner but it’s also very hard to run a business by yourself because you never have another perspective or someone to fill in the gaps of your skill set. Having an external perspective and having someone who is objective is extremely valuable. My consultant has been a very good strategic partner for me. Since not a family member or a mentor, I’m not trying to impress; I’m just trying to make my business better.”


  • Financial Profitability
  • Goal Setting
  • Marketing Implementation
  • Business Modeling
  • Revenue Structure
  • Sales Conversion
  • Time & Priority Management
  • Leadership Systems


In May 2016, Jamie sold Enerspace. She is now the Executive Director of Global Workspace Association in which she is responsible for the Association’s sponsorship and membership. She now works with her consultant on new business challenges including strategy and problem solving.

“I would recommend a business coach to anyone. The world moves so quickly and it’s so hard to learn everything by yourself; you need extra help. If you’re a business owner, you need to leverage another brain and another perspective and I think that having a coach is a great way to do it. Cultivate is very results-oriented, which I really appreciate and see the return on investment for my business.”
– Jamie Russo