Access Realty

Access Chicago Realty offers a unique blend of real estate services. Through proactive communication, streamlined processes, and data-driven technology, Access Chicago Realty helps people buy, sell, and rent homes in Chicago.

Grew revenue by over 200%

Recruited & trained 6 employees

Developed organizational structure

Valued Client for 36 Months

In 2010, Mike McElory left his job at a real estate startup to become an independent real estate consultant. He incorporated Access Chicago Realty and began working with buyers and renters in the Chicagoland area. Knowing he wanted to grow his business, but not sure how to take it to the next level, he decided to work with Cultivate.

Over the course of 3 years, we have worked to develop a strategy, implement processes, and recruit agents to take the company to a higher level.


  • Organizational structure and development of a 5-year business plan
  • Developed financial profitability systems and strategy
  • Built plan for recruiting, hiring, and training top talent
  • Refined services & created business packages to increase revenue
  • Coached CEO on time & priority management
  • Designed strategic plans and held owner accountable
  • Provided coaching on sales skills
  • Developed and implemented leadership systems that increased performance metrics


“The days I get to sit down and discuss all of the cool possibilities of this business that I’ve built—the most important thing in the world to me—are some of the best days of the quarter for me. Having someone who is able to provide an outside perspective, and quickly add value from that perspective to help me look at whole new set of possibilities  is not only valuable, it’s also really fun.”


  • Financial Profitability
  • Turn-key Systems
  • Metric Planning
  • Mindset & Confidence
  • Culture Development
  • Organizational Structure & Leadership
  • Time & Priority Management
  • Recruiting Top Talent
  • Employee Retention


As Mike continues to grow his business, he is also working with his consultant on new tech products. In addition, he is looking to scale his brokerage 2-3X in the next few years.

“When I came to Cultivate, I was a solo practitioner with a part-time assistant, leasing one room of a property management company for office space. Today, we have increased our revenue 6-fold, employ 6 full-time employees, and regularly host clients at our retail space on North Avenue. For the business, our reputation has grown and the future has never looked so promising. For me, this has led to significant increase in quality of life, confidence and personal income.”
-Mike McElory