Association Partnerships

Create community engagement.

When your members thrive, so do you.

We are experts in small business development. We work with hundreds of owners each month to provide the tools, resources, and structure needed to grow and scale. Using those same concepts, we partner with you to create a structure for owners to participate in peer-to-peer discussions, gain accountability and develop core business skills. Your owners will grow and retain within your community while you attract new members at the same time.

Educational Partnership

As your educational partner, we help you deliver exceptional value by driving a performance and growth-oriented culture. This is accomplished through…

Peer Development Meetings

Each month, your community joins our video platform for a microburst training and followed by a breakout session. After training, owners are broken into small groups for a peer-to-peer discussion to share better practices and work through business challenges. These peer-to-peer discussions force owners to think critically about the roadblocks in their business and help them to understand what levers need to be pulled to move the business forward.

Best Practice Reports

We record best practices from each PDM to be shared the following month to drive additional engagement. Internally we use this report to understand the needs of the community and build curriculums that address the key challenges holding owners back from explosive growth.

Roadmap Planning Meetings

As an outside voice, we help your owners build a 5-year growth plan. Members of your community can meet one-on-one with an advisor, at no cost, to break down a plan of attack and create a framework on how to achieve their initiatives.

Additional Perks

As our educational partner, your community will have gain access to our arsenal of skill-training resources. We have over 90 whitepapers and toolkits on all of our core skills. Most of our resources include a tool or worksheet, to help you put the knowledge into action.

Every 45 days, our CEO puts on an interactive webinar. These dynamic skill sessions cover specific best practices in varied topics from recruitment to financials, all with one thing in common: engagement. The best part? You and your community will have access to all live webinars and past recordings.

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As our partner, we’ll grant your community the ability to take the Predictive Index. This is a quick assessment that helps you outline key behavioral objectives that can dictate performance outputs. These tests are designed to help with internal communication and hiring top talent.

As our partner, you’ll receive free tickets to Catapult, our annual conference. You can join us or use tickets as giveaways to retain or prospect potential clients or members. In addition, your entire network will receive access to client pricing which can be as much as 40% off.

As your educational partner, we’ll help you create more value through lunch-and-learns, evening events or annual conferences. As available, we will support you by providing impactful, tailored training at only the cost of travel*.

*Volume requirements are necessary to have services provided for free.
Half-day workshop; interactive training

We assign the right advisor for your needs.

When you partner with us, we’ll match you with an advisor that fits the needs of your community. Our advisors are experts in scaling business. As previous owners and operators, all of our advisors have experienced and overcome the hurdles of scale. To ensure they continue adding value, our advisors go through continuous training and meet weekly with a team of peers to solve root problems for their clients.

Core Deep Dives

Our goal is to be a trusted partner.

We’re here to provide value and educational support to your community. Because we provide this support it allows us to get in front of your small business owners. Owners who are looking to dive deeper and take their business to the next level will have the option to work with us.







Getting Started

We would love to learn more about your community.  Schedule a call with one of our relationship managers to explore what an educational partnership could look like for your association.