Overcoming the Emotional Loss of Losing a Customer

By July 11, 2017Sales

When we encounter a challenge, we often just want to fix it. Some things in business can’t just be fixed; like the feeling of losing a client or customer. You could do everything right, care more than anyone and a client still may leave you. It can be frustrating when you think about the time put into building that relationship.

If you own a business or are in sales you have most likely experienced some type of emotional end with a customer; they were impossible to please, something out-of-control happened, or you simply didn’t deliver the result they were anticipating. Whatever the reason, fixing how you feel about it isn’t easy if you care about who you work with. However, you can get better. You can get emotionally stronger by trusting that if you put in the work; the next opportunity will present itself and that it simply opens up the next opportunity for what’s to come. Here are five tips to help you move on and help you stay focused and not get too caught up, upset or paralyzed by the loss of a client:

1) Sincerely thank them for the opportunity to work together. So many people get upset, say the wrong thing out of frustration, then end on a bad note. This is a simple lesson, but it’s not easy. I have heard, plus experienced, firsthand countless times where people came back to work with me later because of this simple act of ending on a great note. Letting them know that if they ever change the mind in the future you are open to being there for them can make the difference in the long run, including your bottom line.

2) Go for a walk. The simple change of your body chemistry in changing your state/your physiology, plus scenery and fresh air, will help you think more clearly about what to do next, on how to let it go, and help you just be more at peace.

3) Talk to someone who motivates, encourages and inspires you. We all need people to lean on and once in awhile look to for support or advice. If you don’t have this type of person, seek one. An advisor, coach or great friend can help immensely in this area.

4) Play a game. Make it a game to see how many people you can help with your expertise in the next week. Just go on a mission, have fun with it and use this experience as you work to get out there and deliver to the next person who could use your help. Be of service to other people even if they don’t work with you.

5) Call or meet with your best customer or customers.  Seek ways to add value to those relationships; go above and beyond, do a random act of kindness, or just call to say hello and ask if there’s anything additional you can support them with. Pouring more time into your greatest relationships always pays dividends and you never know when the next referral could come your way by just being there.

Cody Muenster

Author Cody Muenster

Cody is a professional success coach focused on helping business owners and leaders achieve their goals. As a strong believer in work/life balance, Cody empowers professionals to gain back control of their time. With more than a decade of experience starting and growing multiple businesses, Cody understands the physical and emotional challenges of building a successful company.

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