What Stage Are You on in Your Entrepreneurial Journey?

Take our quiz to identify what stage of the business you’re operating in to ensure you’re working on the right initiatives to grow faster.

Every owner should know where they are in their business journey

In working with thousands of small businesses, we’ve identified 5 key stages of the business journey from those just starting out to those moving into a scaled model. As you grow from one stage to the next the focus shifts.
Your business stage says a lot about where your focus should be as an owner. Understanding the phase you’re in will help you identify what you need to grow. Often, we’ll see owners who are focused on systemizing, when they should working on their next sale or spending too much time focused on the minutiae when they should be growing a team.

Take this quick assessment to:

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You’re a hustler, you know it. You’ve created a business that’s more than a hobby and you may be wondering, where do I go from here?

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As an experimenter you’re running to keep moving, but you’re not making the progress you want in your business due to bottlenecks, lack of systems and constantly ‘putting out fires.’

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As a visionary you’ve grown your business organically, opening up more time for yourself. But you’re struggling to grow bigger and you’re not sure how to push over the $1M mark.

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As a systemizer you’re fixated on refining and documenting everything as you’ve  learned scale requires bringing on great people, and integrating them quickly and seamlessly.

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As an influencer, you’ve built a growing business through the previous 4 stages. You’ve got the right people, systems, and product/service. But what’s next? You need someone to partner with to get to the next level.