Community Training

Group skill training on critical small business topics.

Looking to skill up in a certain area of your business? We have the solution.

We work with hundreds of owners each month to provide the tools, resources, and structure needed to grow and scale. We’ve taken those concepts and developed insightful, engaging community skill training designed for small business owners.

Areas of Focus

We can provide 20-60 minute in-person, webinar or video training on the following topics.

Block Scheduling

High performing individuals leverage consistent scheduling practices to ensure they’re maximizing their time. This skill focuses on how to block off common tasks in your schedule and create scheduling rules to ensure you’re consistently being productive.

Goal & Task Prioritization

Everyone wants to be as productive as possible. This skill is about measuring and connecting the amount of time it takes to perform specific tasks and assigning them a level of priority. All of this connects to the goals and vision and allows you to have the “Why” behind why you schedule a certain way.

Opportunities to Leverage

The only way to get more done is through leverage. If you’re not leveraging your time you’ll only ever be able to use the same 1440 minutes everyone else has. This tool focuses on how you can leverage your time to get the most out of your week.

Slush Time Management

How do you help clients build a consistent schedule that captures their key events while leaving enough slush time for them to incorporate new activities? This skill will teach you how to wrap up your days with no loose ends.

When to Delegate

How do you delegate tasks to increase space? Learn how to create the space you need each week through delegation, but ensure you learn the rule of when.

Assertive Behavior

Do you struggle with being assertive? This is one of the most underutilized skills in business. This skill focuses on how to be assertive be assertive in business whether it be in sales, leadership or other roles of the business.

Conflict: How to Identify & Hold

Conflict occurs daily in business life. This skill teaches you how to resolve conflict between individuals in a way that allows them to express their frustration while working to strengthen relationships and move forward in a constructive manner.

Effective Listening

What does it mean to actually listen? This skill can be so easy to understand but so difficult to actually implement leading to many misunderstandings and conflicts. Focus on how to help people through the skill of effective listening on this module.

Graduated Learning

Often, people want to reach the end result overnight. This skill focuses on graduated learning, which is is the art of providing only a little information at a time so that the person can digest the development and learning slowly.

Intro to Public Speaking

Effective public speaking skills can allow you to impact a larger number of people by leveraging your message to a larger audience. This skill teaches you how to prepare yourself to speak to a group.

Setting Proper Expectations

Most think that employees’ performance and retention comes from leadership post training when in reality, expectations should be set in the interview process. This skill focuses on the importance of setting expectations for the role, leadership, and future growth early.

Creating a Performance Culture

A company is ultimately measured by its results and having a culture of performance and competition can help create that tension from within. This skill will teach you how to create an effective performance culture where big challenges are tackled while at people are having fun and feeling fulfilled.

Developing Trust

Trust is a fundamental part of employee retention, but more important is being able to get strong performance out of the employee or team. This skill focuses on the key concepts of earning and retaining the trust of your employees.

Effective Meetings

What makes a meeting great? This skill helps to identify when a meeting is needed and the components that make it successful (i.e., structure, participants, content).

Employee Development Planning

It is important that each employee continues to receive development on their core skills. This skill focuses on how to structure a clear development plan for employees.

Leadership Systems

Learn how to schedule and organize meetings in a way that helps you lead your team to success. This skill focuses on the frequency and layout of consistent leadership meetings and will teach you how to create an effective agenda, delegate meeting prep work, and design a system to ensure that meetings work.

Goal & Metric Planning

This skill will teach you how to set goals, how to measure success, and how to build a detailed sales plan that connects long-term goals to short-term goals.

Matching Benefits

Everyone wants to sell features; you need to sell the BENEFIT. This skill focuses on matching specific benefits to the needs found during probing portion of the sales process.

Objection Handling

This skill focuses on how to understand and respond to client objections to help you move closer to a sale.

Probing For Needs

This skill focuses on uncovering what is most important to your client by asking detailed questions, so you can sell to their specific needs.

Situational Selling

No two sales should sound the same. This skill teaches you to tailor every individual sale and to sell in the same style as the person you’re selling to.

Trial Closing

Trial closing puts a consumer in a buying mindset and helps them work through a decision in live time. This skill uses specific, purposeful questions to help you identify if someone is ready to close.

Cash Flow Projection

Do you know where your money is going each month? This tool will help you to gain an understanding of how much money is flowing in and out of your business each month; giving you an accurate snapshot of how the business is performing, and where changes can be made.

Lead Distribution Planning

If you want to up your sales by 20%, how many more leads do you need? This tool will help you break down the elusive “lead” and help you find specific ways to organize your lead generation programs into one living document.

Metric Planning

Having well defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will give you unparalleled direction to hit your goals. This tool will help guide you through the KPI defining process so you will have a clear system in place to hold tension to your goals.

Organizational Structure

The leap from a small collaborative team to a segmented organization is a big leap. This tool will help you navigate that leap. In 5 simple steps, you’ll increase your efficiency and clarify systems for your employees.

Pricing Tool

When was the last time you increased your pricing? We designed a tool to help you decide if now is the right time to make a change and learn the best strategy for a seamless transition.

Recruiting Planning

Put intention back into the recruitment process. With this skill, you’ll learn how to stay organized from the very second you decide to start the recruitment process. You will clearly lay out your goals for this new role then recruit, interview and ultimately hire based on those goals.

Sales Metric & Conversion

In this skill, we’ll help you develop a well-formed program to forecast the future months of revenue.

Vision Planning

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? You may know where you want to go, but outlining how you’re going to get there can feel like an impossible task. We’ll help you think broadly about the future of your business so you can create systems to tackle those great big goals.

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