Financials – the Small Business Demon

Is this you… Scared of numbers?

Does the sight of them overwhelm you?

When forced to look at your numbers do you begin to laugh uncontrollably because you are so uncomfortable and embarrassed by them?

When you do try, you are unsure of how to go about it; eventually throwing your hands up in dismay of “I just can’t do this” or “I’m just not a number person”?

Do you believe that if you just keep working and increasing sales the numbers “will work themselves out”?

I am sorry to be the one to tell you this but, ignorance is not bliss. In fact, it is that ignorance that is causing so much of your stress. Absolutely, the very real debt or $0 in your account plays a role in creating the stress, but it feels so much worse when you are trying to ignore it and your imagination takes over. Not looking at the numbers can cause you to feel like you are hemorrhaging money or in twice the debt you actually are, or you could feel you are moving out of debt when the facts say the opposite.

Any anxiety you feel is simply due to inaction.  Next time you are anxious, ask yourself what you are feeling anxious about. It is likely something you are not taking action on. Take, for example, that meeting you are anxious about next week that you don’t feel prepared for. Are you stressed you won’t get everything done or worried you won’t have made enough money this year? Go prep for the meeting, make a plan and get help if necessary to complete your list, look at the reality of your financials and figure out if that is a valid fear or not. Don’t live life anxious, take action and you will see the anxiety melt away.

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Nicole Gallop is a VP at Cultivate. As a strategic planner, Nicole is unafraid to push boundaries to achieve goals. Her passion is optimizing the potential for both you and your business. She operates with an intense focus on bringing the right people into a highly collaborative, positive and result-oriented environment.