3 Steps to Be Your Best In Any Situation

Ever hear someone say, “I was in the right place at the right time”? Or “I got really lucky…” landing my first gig, project, sale, employee, etc.

Whatever the context, it seems like the stars align and luck just makes things happen easily for some people, right?

We look at them enviously while they land win after win. They are just so lucky and things fall in their lap…I wish I could be like that.

Here is where I say “SHUT UP!”

The difference is this: they “SHOW UP.”

Those people SHOW UP to be there in the first place and are open to meet the opportunity in whatever they are seeking.

Here is another way to look at it: Luck is the intersection where preparation meets opportunity. This means you must SHOW UP in order for things to happen.

So how do you show up as a solopreneur, a leader, or sales honcho?

Here are 3 components to SHOW UP.

  1. Mindset – Show up with your best mind. Check yourself before you go into a situation, whether it is with a prospective client, a meeting with an employee/team, or with a strategic partner. You wear many hats and have an outside life too, so there are many influences and distractions on your current state of mind. What’s currently on your mind? How is that helping you as you enter this conversation? Are you thinking positively? Is your road rage completely behind you? And how about that messed up coffee order? Break down the mental barriers. Let it go. Breathe. Be present. You must be open to opportunity when it arrives.
  1. Preparation – The smartest way to show up is to be prepared. Avoid ‘winging it’. Do your homework. Put yourself in their shoes. Analyze the pain point. Plan for success. And plan for the worst case too. Ask yourself “what is the desired outcome of this situation?” AND “what is the other party’s desired outcome?” What do you need to do in advance to set this up for success? What do you need to say, do, provide, or ask if your desired outcome isn’t achieved? Even if it means writing a couple bullet points down on a napkin, spend a few minutes envisioning the situation and how you are setting it up for success.
  1. Communicate – Yes, just physically being there is important. That’s the non-verbal part. You must also communicate your message effectively to SHOW UP. What is it you are trying to say? Identify your solution to their pain point. Practice your pitch. Why should they listen to you? How do you relate to them? Why are you valuable? What is your ask and how do you precisely ask it? Explain your message in ley terms so it can be remembered. In other words, imagine that the person or team in this situation will only take away one thing…so what is it? What is the one thing you want them to remember? The trick is to be concise. Keep it simple. Make it memorable.

Practice these 3 steps to SHOW UP and be your best in any situation. Break down those mental barriers, think ahead and prepare for the desired outcome, and communicate the one thing that should be remembered.

The next time ‘luck’ comes your way you will be prepared to meet the opportunity with a smile and firm handshake.

Mike VonLunen is an Advisor for small business owners with Cultivate. Mike brings a strong background in entrepreneurship to Cultivate, after having worn multiple hats at startup companies. He has become a master at starting, growing, and maintaining small businesses.