The Financial Reports Your Business Needs

So you want to get your financials in order but aren’t sure where to start? Here are these three reports you can use to analyze your financials strategically and grow your business. I will start by saying I am not an accountant, so when in doubt, do what your accountant says. These are however the […]

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Three Tools to Manage Your Business’ Cashflow

“Have you ever been too busy driving that you’ve run out of gas?” ~Stephen Covey I look at cash as the fuel for any business to operate; without it, it’s unlikely you’re going to get anywhere! If you are properly managing and projecting your cash flow you should always be in the black and ensuring […]

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3 Reasons You Need a CRM

Let’s talk pipeline. If I ask what’s in the pipeline and your first thought is “oil”, we need to chat. I’m referring to your sales pipeline. In other words, I am asking what deals you are working on, what stage they are at in your process, and the status. Sure, you may be able to […]

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