How to Create a Scalable Sales Process

So, you want to grow your business. Doesn’t everyone? My first two questions following this statement: Is your business ready for growth? Followed by, What is your sales process?

I’ve covered scaling a business on a solid platform previously. A business needs a solid foundation prior to revving up the growth. If you get a ton of new business, but your organization cannot handle the new demands, you are going to have some unhappy clients.

Let’s tackle your sales process. Do you have a current sales process in place? Is it documented to show what each step of your sales funnel looks like? No? Don’t worry, that’s what this post is for.

The purpose of building a sales process will allow you to build a repeatable and scalable process that can be trained throughout your organization. Each step of the process should be considered from first contact to sale. This will help you focus your sales team on their daily responsibilities and goals. It will also allow you to hold your team accountable, so they can hit their numbers, and the organization can grow.

In a service business, a typical flow would look like this: lead, initial contact, call, first meeting, contract review, sale. This flow is just an example. You will want to document each measurable step. Try to break it down, or consolidate as need be to create a handful of measurable steps. Moving a lead through each step will allow you to build momentum through your sales process.

With each step defined, you will need to start tracking the count at each step. How many leads do you need at the beginning of your process (funnel) to complete each sale? The conversions at each step will help to determine how much you need to convert to a sale. Once calculated, increase the leads at the beginning of the funnel to increase your sales based on how you convert. It likely won’t be accurate until you start tracking.

Now that you have a process in place, it will be a process constantly in work. You will want to measure and adjust/refine each step of the process as you gain more experience with what does and doesn’t work very well. As you continue to iterate, your overall conversions should improve and you will become more efficient at your sales process.

Buy-in from your team will be paramount, but with a process that works and scales, you will be on your way to growing and scaling your team and business overall.

Brad Kreutz is an Advisor for small business owners with Cultivate. Brad has a passion for translating business goals into strategy. Pulling from more than 17 years of experience as a 4x co-founder/owner, Brad brings an outside perspective to help business owners overcome their challenges, create a scalable platform, and grow their business.