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Building a Scalable Sales Process

Learn to create a sales process for your team to convert a lead to a customer. At any stage of your business, whether you’re just starting or you run a fully established organization, the success of your business is highly dependent on the success of your sales team. After all, new business is what keeps […]

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7 Tips to Re-Energize Your Sales Funnel

Sales are an important part of every small business; it’s also a common challenge for many small business owners. If sales is something you struggle with, it can be helpful to spend some time getting a better understanding of the sales process and fine-tuning your sales skills.  To get you moving in the right direction, […]

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Re-engage Your List With a Win-back Email Campaign

Last month, Cultivate CEO and Co-Founder, Casey Clark, outlined how to jumpstart your revenue using 2 effective tactics: The Winback Campaign and Proper Followup. The pace you set now sets the tone for your whole year. Jumpstart your revenue growth now by refocusing on your sales funnel. Re-engaging some of your lapsed clients, or inactive […]

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