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Overcoming the Price Objection

Why do customers always get hung up on price? You might think it is because you are charging too much, but that is more than likely not the case! When hearing this objection, it is important not to take it personally or look at it like it as a brick wall. Often, when you hear this objection it means […]

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Objections are Opportunities in Disguise

Objections are an opportunity for more information. The information itself is bi-directional – meaning it might be information for you or it might be information for the client. So really we have two options when we find an objection: Ignore it. Do something with it. Typically, those that choose number 1 don’t get very far […]

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How to Create a Scalable Sales Process

So, you want to grow your business. Doesn’t everyone? My first two questions following this statement: Is your business ready for growth? Followed by, What is your sales process? I’ve covered scaling a business on a solid platform previously. A business needs a solid foundation prior to revving up the growth. If you get a ton […]

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